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Unfortunately I don't think I can make it to this one. I'll have to catch up for the next one. 
I need to redeem myself, July 27 works for me.  Don't really care where or when we play but I think Barrett mentioned Coronado which I think gets an absolute ton of play so it could be a 5+ hr round. 
Had blast playing yesterday.  @Bechambo can blame me for his streak ending, I'm no expert but a net 85 I don't think is a good score.  I'm all in for a 120 degree desert round in the summer, you California boys don't know real heat. 
Thanks, I'm 100% confirmed and I will NOT have a guest (he backed out).  
Do we know the estimated cost and format? I could potentially have a guest, but he wanted to make sure he wasn't getting fleeced. 
Count me in on May 4th, can't play prior to that, but I'll make a 5/4 outing!   Bob
I'm new to SoCal but I never pass up a golf tournament. If you've got space on May 4th, I'll make it. 
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