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A.Armada-If Only You Knew What the Lost Soldiers Did to Me. If you have never listened to "post-rock" then IMO this sums it up quite well. Play Loud.
Got a senior invitational event at the club this week and I noticed in my walking around the enormous amount of bag-tags some of these dudes have. I counted at least 20 on one bag and most had at least 5 minimum. How many you got? I have one, a USGA tag.
Not a fan. Id rather watch Billy Mayfair parade around in a speedo with olive oil smeared all over him that watch Bubba cry.
I know how you feel. I'm kind of wide an long too. Oppps...you are talking about your feet. Sorry. (humor attempt) Hey Wildman, welcome to the site!
"Ive seen both of their wives naked." or   "Duffs mad cuz someone else did get it in the hole"   Ricky..."Whys Duff so down today?" Phil...."I showed his old lady that fist can be a verb"
Must have alignment sticks sticking out of the bag. Must use laser rangefinder for each shot including tee shot on par 3's. Chances are the distance shown on your range finder is only good for giving u an idea on where to head off in the woods to look for the 14th ball you've jacked over there today. The white belt. Staff bag. Have a dozen or so bag tags. Including your entire 2000- present USGA members tag. Shoes. glove. belt, hat must match. All clothing from head...
If they are cast clubs be careful getting them bent. Lots of places wont do it or will make you sign a waiver i.e. Golfsmith. Forged no problem. If you special order a cast set after getting fit that's different because they [manufacture] have them already poured at the various lie angles.
Porterhouses all the way. Big fat sons of bitches too. Sweetwater by the gallons (local beer here in Atlanta) Fried Vidalia onion petals for appetizers (Georgia's own onion), plus all the stuff that goes with a steak. 
I'd love to see it, I think it would be fun to see some bright eyed kid whip the field.
There were throwing this around on the radio the other day, seemed fun to toy with. The idea was you could have 10 wishes but you could not wish for loads of gold or cash. Someone called in and said they would wish to be the greatest pitcher to ever play the game and that would bring 40million a year contracts so Id probably go that route. But not as a pitcher. I play golf so Id go the golf route.
New Posts  All Forums: