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From 50 - 80 yards is a partial swing with the 54* SW. The trajectory is more controlled than what I have been seeing from the LW with the full swing. 
As lefties we have less options to choose from. Ping offers pretty much their entire line in lefty. Most of the major manufacturers offer their mass market game improvement lines in lefty.
During the rounds players and caddies still have to do calculations by hand from yardages paced off from markers.
It's about time. Next step is getting them in the hands of professionals. I would like to see the tours issue GPS devices. It is silly that anyone with a couple hundred dollars to spare can have more accurate yardage info while playing than the guys playing for millions of dollars.
If I was in the market for a 2 iron I would be looking at one of the driving irons from Ping, Calloway or Titleist.
To talk about Rivera specifically a couple of factors I don't think you are taking into consideration: 1. The amount of elevation change. The course is built on the side of a hill. There are not a lot of flat lies on the course.2. The density of the trees. I have never played Rivera but I have played some older courses with similar tree lines and your only option is pitching sideways to get it back to where you can hit a shot towards the hole.
 A quick googling of Hochkin and it looks like it is rated by some to be one of the 100 best courses in the world. It may very well be capable of hosting the best players in the world. Looking to compare a normal course to what is played on the PGA Tour Hochkin is probably a bad course to use as an "average" course to get a player from.
The bunkers played on tour are a joke. The sand is consistent and amazingly groomed. They are just about as perfect as you can get.
There are plenty of courses as long as what is played on tour. Take a 12 handicap player of average length and make them play any 7200 yard course and they will struggle to break 100.   For a better & stronger player I think what makes the courses played on tour tougher is the speed that they play at. The fairways and greens are a lot faster than what us mortals play on every week. 
I wrote it and had to re-read it twice to be sure of what I wrote.
New Posts  All Forums: