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Some of the Longest pros in history and best All lifted back heel All 45 degrees or more rotated Jones Hogan Snead Jack Tiger Now todays bombers Justin Bubba
Lexi hits it 300 She smokes most of the male pros in local events if she plays them Great player that one
Looks like Rory is back -11 already
Posting links to my books would b spam imo I dont need to sell books here They sell well now But I am an author with over 100 titles Most deal witn math theory, some ancient writings and languages. I have 7 honorary doctorates.
I've come across two young phenoms Both have unusual lenght for their age One is a 14 year old boy who hits it 300 already He's 5'10 Goes to school with my sons He works with a hall of fame coach in SFL I know who groomed lexi and her brothers as kids His lenght is amazing for 14 We play all the time Then valeria Unusual lenght for 13 yr old 100lb girl Then a 22 year old pro with pga tour cards in india and thailand Nice swing there too But too old to say a phenom But...
So you post here as phil mcgleno The post u quoted wasnt to you Its to phil mcgleno Is that u too U use multiple handles here 5sK does nice job marketing on golf sites like golf channel It doesnt sell many books The amazon rank was minor for a company with a huge ad budget If the real phil mcgleno is posting Here's some info about him n seve http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Seve's+mentor+is+one+iron+short+of+a+full+set.-a061286704
The guys running the games are the pga pros running the courseLcp is normal in SFLIts why its two days at honda this weekShould b all 4 days
Yep wrote over 100 booksFunny how the few I wrote on golf produce 50% or more of sales nowPeople like to read about golfU write about complex stuff and humans have little interestYou write about a gameYou sell lots of books
Phil mcgleno Aka Mac ogrady U saying u mac?
For years people asked me if I playthe tour due to my lenght and if I could teach themUp until I finally wrote some books on it, I never taught, I was too busy making mega mlilions running software companiesNow my books teach lots of golfers all over the worldIf you got books out thereMine probably outsell youMy books have instructed more people than any pro could teachMost of the books deal with swing speedHow to increase itThen others deal with scoringIm not here to sell...
New Posts  All Forums: