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Does this Dan Jenkins even generate any money for the Golf Digest? In 2014 he seems like more of a liability than anything else. I for one still have not forgiven him for that stupid joke about Y.E. Yang and Chinese take-out a couple years ago.
Plus think of all the dudes out there who are in no hurry to get back home. It's hopeless. This is why I now look forward to the frozen golf season.
I have realized that playing fast is not easy nor is it for everyone. It takes experience as well as a decent level of stamina both physical and mental. If you are going to get across the finish line in under four hours, you need to be constantly pushing forward. Fast play doesn't just happen because you want it to--it takes a concentrated effort. Efficiency of movement, constant state of attention and readiness, thinking a couple steps ahead, etc. Personally I like this...
Bogus list! Hummus? Frozen blueberries covered in yogurt? GTFO. These are fine foods but... how the hell are we supposed to eat any of this on a golf course in between shots. Kale chips? I enjoy kale but when I am putting food in my mouth on the course, it's for the purpose of fueling up. IE calories. I am not there to have a picnic. Kale is a nice green but it has hardly any calories. You probably burn more of them in the chewing and digesting process, resulting in a net...
Kim Deal is my idol.
 I feel very different than you. I play by the rulebook always, to me it has always been way more fun this way. The only way, in my mind I guess. I like the rigor of the challenge. There is something official about the score when you play by the rules, even if it's a so-called casual round and I have always found that cool. I might not always--hell let's face it more often than not I am disappointed with my own score but hey, at least it's a meaningful number. Four plus...
I've always thought it's too bad golf can't be more like downhill skiing, wherein you kind of have to stay within your limitations or else pay a steep price. It's kind of self-policing like that.
Hi Mitch, not to be mean or antagonistic but it simply sounds like you are being humbled by golf. It happens to everyone probably. In your case I think you were especially vulnerable because you felt like you "could easily control trajectory, playing gentle draws and fades on command." Most likely you were being highly subjective when making this particular assessment of your own ball-striking ability. I say that because if you truly could control the ball, you would be...
I WANT TO WIN A CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA DRIVER   I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver   Thomas Bjorn -4 Sergio Garcia -4 Adam Scott -5
Not that there's anything wrong with that of course.
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