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 I feel very different than you. I play by the rulebook always, to me it has always been way more fun this way. The only way, in my mind I guess. I like the rigor of the challenge. There is something official about the score when you play by the rules, even if it's a so-called casual round and I have always found that cool. I might not always--hell let's face it more often than not I am disappointed with my own score but hey, at least it's a meaningful number. Four plus...
I've always thought it's too bad golf can't be more like downhill skiing, wherein you kind of have to stay within your limitations or else pay a steep price. It's kind of self-policing like that.
Hi Mitch, not to be mean or antagonistic but it simply sounds like you are being humbled by golf. It happens to everyone probably. In your case I think you were especially vulnerable because you felt like you "could easily control trajectory, playing gentle draws and fades on command." Most likely you were being highly subjective when making this particular assessment of your own ball-striking ability. I say that because if you truly could control the ball, you would be...
I WANT TO WIN A CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA DRIVER   I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver   Thomas Bjorn -4 Sergio Garcia -4 Adam Scott -5
Not that there's anything wrong with that of course.
I don't know about all this. Rory is a little too high-profile with his so-called romances. Which to me suggests that is he is probably gay.
Azinger has been effusive in his praise of Tiger in the past. I think, whether or not he realizes what he is doing, he is actually trying to motivate Tiger with this bulletin board material.
I am squarely in the middle. I can relate to a lot of the OP. She is a huge pre-Madonna. Physically I have the hots for her. But her personality seems lousy and she casts such a strong spell over the entire coverage it makes her success kind of grating to me. I'm kind of like, who cares, she has already received as much adulation as a female golfer could hope for. Anything she does is cast in a divine light, like she is preordained to do all these things, finally...
Kevin Na -2 Matt Kuchar -1 Jordan Spieth E
I wouldn't call "whorippedit" a troll. It's his opinion. It doesn't scare me. I don't know anything about Calvin Peete's situation but I am among the people who believe that racism is still alive and well in 2014. Not that it can be easily identified as the reason behind phenomena like Calvin Peete being overlooked by the golf world. It's probably far too simplistic to make such a claim but on the other hand I believe it is naive to reflexively poo-poo a claim simply...
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