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I WANT TO WIN A CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA DRIVER   I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver   Thomas Bjorn -4 Sergio Garcia -4 Adam Scott -5
Not that there's anything wrong with that of course.
I don't know about all this. Rory is a little too high-profile with his so-called romances. Which to me suggests that is he is probably gay.
Azinger has been effusive in his praise of Tiger in the past. I think, whether or not he realizes what he is doing, he is actually trying to motivate Tiger with this bulletin board material.
I am squarely in the middle. I can relate to a lot of the OP. She is a huge pre-Madonna. Physically I have the hots for her. But her personality seems lousy and she casts such a strong spell over the entire coverage it makes her success kind of grating to me. I'm kind of like, who cares, she has already received as much adulation as a female golfer could hope for. Anything she does is cast in a divine light, like she is preordained to do all these things, finally...
Kevin Na -2 Matt Kuchar -1 Jordan Spieth E
I wouldn't call "whorippedit" a troll. It's his opinion. It doesn't scare me. I don't know anything about Calvin Peete's situation but I am among the people who believe that racism is still alive and well in 2014. Not that it can be easily identified as the reason behind phenomena like Calvin Peete being overlooked by the golf world. It's probably far too simplistic to make such a claim but on the other hand I believe it is naive to reflexively poo-poo a claim simply...
I think he has always been inconsistent for a player of his caliber. Probably why he has never been #1 or won a PoY award. I think he knows he's inconsistent so he doesn't push the issue and rather tries to peak for select events. Last year was a career year for him with three big highlights--major, winning in Europe and almost shooting 59. It's not surprisinging that this is a bit of a lull year, with nearly all the focus going to the US Open which now means more to him...
You seem to be assuming that our opinions on this matter in some way. You might have time in your life to analyze and assess all the nuances and particulars of this news story. I don't. That said I know full well that my opinion on Phil Mickelson doesn't amount to jacksquat so why would I bother with trying to weigh out both sides of the issue to make sure my judgment is fair and equitable. As a completely disinterested observer I am free to say THROW THE BOOK AT HIM just...
I don't think Michelle literally meant that. I think she was prompted for a reply and that was the cleverest thing she could come up while expressing her support for Stanford's golf team. I love her but she is an airhead.
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