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 I can't speak about the broadcast, but this four-hole gap you are referring to never happened. There was no catching up either because they never fell that far behind. Park and Kim are not slow players either. Park's movements might seem deliberate but she is a model of efficiency. When it's her turn, she is ready to go. Among the leaders Karrie Webb was the slowest player by far, and she was either third or fourth to last out on Sunday. I also attended Saturday, when...
 LIES. I attended today's round and followed the final group. We were pushing up against the group ahead. Kim and Park waited on just about every shot.
 He could probably be elected to the WGHOF at least four times though.
 Sounds like a great day, a uniquely Coloradoan combo of sports. I want to try it too. I would probably want to add 9 bong loads to the festivities.
I think Fowler is pretty boring and short on charisma. He has won twice on tour, and both times didn't know how to celebrate. At the core of his being he is modest and reserved. His golf game is pretty reserved too. Not that there's anything wrong with any of that. But you can't keep feeding people this hollow-ringing propaganda about him being so charismatic and exciting. His much-celebrated style isn't even stylish, it's just novel. (Or was novel.) When you look at...
I like how she made sure to get the boobs inside the frame. She looks like a girl who is constantly working it. It wouldn't surprise me if Rickie is gay.
Don't think I could come up with a smarmier answer than Mr. Nicklaus's, so I'm out.
I don't believe it's cheating but I applaud their hard line stance. End could justify the means IMO.
It's one thing to obsess over Tiger Woods's golf game, what's in the golf bag, what kind of shoes he's wearing, even over his polo shirts. But when the obsession veers into another man's sex life, a line has been crossed IMO.
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