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Hinge and hold.
 As Adam Carolla might say, "Patrick's Patrick."
Couple questions about this tourney. 1) Why is it being played Fri-Mon? (Also, did they do it like this last year, year before?) and B) since when does the PGA TOUR re-group pairings after Round 1?
 I think you hit on something. Using a single metric to decide who's the best ever is super simplistic and therefore easy for most people to digest and that's probably why it's a prevailing thought in 2015.
I keep on keeping on. What else is there to do? Doesn't matter how I am playing, the premise is always the same: get the ball in the hole, count up the strokes. Plus I like looking over my scores and knowing there's historical accuracy to them, that every single goddamn stroke I take on a course is accounted for.
Maybe not now, but if and when the time comes the media will pick up on it.   However this question does beg another question--why is Sam Snead so overlooked by the golf establishment and fans in 2014? At one point he was an icon of American sports. He accomplished a lot in this sport, and delivered the goods for many years. He won PGAT events in like four different decades.   It also speaks to the gross overvaluation of majors by the media and fans. If you are Tiger,...
Surprised he is not getting an exemption. It's not like other Koreans of prominence haven't been granted such exemptions. Koreans are crazy about golf and this guy is one of their very best, and also seems to be at a crucial, opportune time in his career. It is a blow to Korean golf. Oh well if it was good enough for KJ Choi and YE Yang, I think SMB can also fulfill his duties and carry on being successful. Although somewhere Seung-Yul Noh is probably freaking out right now.
 You are a hero for saying that. The world needs more brave people.
He is very bad at comedy/music.
So her depression is cured now that she is successful again?   Which is to say I don't quite buy into this girl who cried depression. I read all those articles at the time and to me it seemed like what she was claiming was depression was more like disappointment in her flagging golf game/career. I.e. how most people would respond in that situation. During that media campaign she also attempted to characterize a momentary suicidal thought of hers as a suicide attempt....
New Posts  All Forums: