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See how much life has changed for Jordan, he can no longer shoot a 74 and not have everyone get on his case about it. Godspeed young man!
Actually, I more or less agree with that. Here's the thing. Both these guys have won the career grand slam THRICE. They are tied. Nicklaus picked off a few more, but it was such a different era of competition. Even if you just look at the difference in world population then and now, Woods had so many more people to contend with. Finally if you factor in short game, which is a huge part of golf, at least the way I see it, the more complete player is Woods.
USA Today is like the worst newspaper ever, you know and I know it.
  Dufner sounds woozy and disoriented. Maybe it's low blood sugar. Is he really saying that a few extra pounds was threatening his ability to play golf? I thought it was a neck injury. And that last quote with its sentence fragments and what not, is a little incoherent. He might have lost some pounds but he has also lost the rosy glow from his cheeks. Also he should've kept the hair at least, then maybe he wouldn't look so weird right now.
Hinge and hold.
 As Adam Carolla might say, "Patrick's Patrick."
Couple questions about this tourney. 1) Why is it being played Fri-Mon? (Also, did they do it like this last year, year before?) and B) since when does the PGA TOUR re-group pairings after Round 1?
 I think you hit on something. Using a single metric to decide who's the best ever is super simplistic and therefore easy for most people to digest and that's probably why it's a prevailing thought in 2015.
I keep on keeping on. What else is there to do? Doesn't matter how I am playing, the premise is always the same: get the ball in the hole, count up the strokes. Plus I like looking over my scores and knowing there's historical accuracy to them, that every single goddamn stroke I take on a course is accounted for.
New Posts  All Forums: