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Anyone notice that Kevin Stadler had his "Srixon" logo blacked out with red sharpie? I'm curious to know if he switched balls just for the masters. Obviously he's under contract with Srixon or else he wouldn't have done so, if he did indeed switch balls.
Cool thanks man.
I'll definitely have to check out the E5 then. I like the soft feel of the 6 but if the 5 has better feel i'd like to check it out.
Rusty- Sorry i'm extremely new and have no idea how this site works lol. Thank you for your explanation on the topics they are the answers I was looking for. I shot a 87 today on a 6,980 yard course and played the E6. The ball felt amazing especially with the putter and the ball didnt roll for miles off the green and so I think i've found my ball, for now. Jakester- I played the E6 as stated above and it felt great and im curious to see how the E5 will feel since it's...
Ok that makes sense. Thank you for the input the more knowledge the better especially for me, the hacker! Once I get my short game to improve I will shave 7 or 8 strokes off my game easily. I also wonder if wedges make a difference? I know pros use the Vokey 60 degree or different variances of that sort. I use Cleveland wedges but off the top of my head I cant remember the exact specs. All in all I just need to work more and eventually I'll get it right.
I'm looking for more people to add to my golf group. I'm based in Northern California in the east bay area and we are always looking to expand our "network" of golf buddies. The reasoning for this is that we all have jobs, kids, family, etc and not everyone can meet up on a Tuesday with a 9am tee time. Me myself I work rotating shifts with days off during the week and other friend of mine only gets Thursday's off (weird I know) so instead of going by yourself and getting...
I dont dispute that at all. However I need all the help I can get and being told and seeing certain balls check up more than others is the reason I asked. Living in northern California the greens are extremely fast and very hilly so no matter what your handicap is you need every advantage possible.
Thanks and i'll be sure to play for everyone back east. I've heard the weather was awful and I feel for you. Hopefully my new Callaway driver that I seemed to absolutely crush with today does the same for me tomorrow.
Wow thank you for your well though out and descriptive answer, thats exactly what i've been wanting to know. I will be playing tomorrow at 1040am pacific time and im heading out to pick up my E5 balls. I have been asking for the longest time about different balls as far as what is the difference between them all and the same answer I get is always ProV1 but with no reasoning as to why. I went to the range today and im hoping I break 80 tomorrow since its 75 degrees in the...
Do golf balls really make a big difference? I know the softer the ball is the better around the greens it will be but for total overall game will a specific ball improve your round?
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