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So I'm a huge Cobra fan but have been interested in trying out the new TEE XCG7 driver and fairway for a while. I haven't hit them yet, but will very soon. Any thoughts or opinions from anyone who has hit them?
I think a single digit handicap player should have no problem hitting driver 230 to 270. I think double digit handicap players are closer to the 190 to 230 mark. I'm also talking about your average, probably 30 year old male.
I disagree with that. I would argue the average drive of most golfers is between 200 and 250
I've been a huge Cobra fan for quite some time now and I's very excited to give these a try
I know it has already been addressed but if you hit the ball out that far first of all you are doing something very wrong, and second its going to have terrible results, but so is every other driver on the market if struck way the hell out there
Yes the crack is intended to be loud so its clearly recognizable. You haven't cracked anything. As someone who has played cobra drivers for some time now, trust me when I say its supposed to be like that
I don't think people intend to purposely exaggerate their distances, but they do tend to say that their farthest distance with each club is their average. I mean yeah I have hit a 7 iron to about 180 once or twice but that doesn't mean it automatically becomes my new average for my 7 iron. I don't think most people realize that they are doing it but they do it nonetheless.
Hey I'm looking into some new irons and like most people I am on a budget. I'm a huge cobra fan. I currently play the Cobra FP irons which are just getting a little old and worn and its time for a new set. I'm looking hard at the bio cell plus irons. I am a single digit handicap who isn't the greatest ball striker so I would still like a little bit of help. Any feedback on the bio cell plus irons or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
The problem I have with winn grips is that they are terrible in the rain. I have not foundĀ a single winn grip to hold up with a lot of moisture
I think there are some on here who have either exaggerated their numbers or put the longest number they have hit with the club, even if it was only once. We also have to consider the lofts of the clubs they are using. Some irons these days have such strong lofts that a 7 iron almost becomes a 6 iron. So there is a lot to how some people hit there irons so far ( well how they claim to hit them so far). The loft on my ironsĀ are a degree stronger than most, mainly because I...
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