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The problem I have with winn grips is that they are terrible in the rain. I have not found a single winn grip to hold up with a lot of moisture
I think there are some on here who have either exaggerated their numbers or put the longest number they have hit with the club, even if it was only once. We also have to consider the lofts of the clubs they are using. Some irons these days have such strong lofts that a 7 iron almost becomes a 6 iron. So there is a lot to how some people hit there irons so far ( well how they claim to hit them so far). The loft on my irons are a degree stronger than most, mainly because I...
Driver : 275 3-Wood : 240 3-Hybrid : 218 4iron : 200 5iron : 190 6iron : 180 7iron : 170 8iron : 160 9iron : 150 P-wedge : 140 52 wedge : 120 58 wedge 100
I have now played 36 holes with them and hit about 200 range balls with them, and I love them. They feel great, and give just the perfect amount of feedback without giving too much. I understand what you guys are talking about with the sweaty hands. If im playing, I just make sure to wipe off my hands before each shot and the grips work perfectly. 
Im sure your right. I was just hitting them stock off the rack. I'm sure I would have gotten much better numbers if I had been fitted for a different shaft and loft combo.
You have to hit them before you buy one. Its not a good idea to read a review or two online or watch some PGA ore talk about it and hit and then go and buy it. Either go to a demo day where you can hit them, or go to a golf shop with a simulator and launch monitor. Certain people have a hard time hitting certain drivers based on their swing. You might buy one and hate it and now have to live with a $200 club you wont touch.
I've always been one to get a lot of spin from all of my clubs. I don't exactly know why. I thinks its a combination of angle of attack, and dynamic loft at impact. I hit these four stock off the rack. If I had gotten fitted for them, I probably would have had better numbers
I did not and have not hit the Bio Cell +. Its definitely at the top of my list to hit though. I was thoroughly impressed with the Bio Cell so I'm looking forward to seeing what the Bio Cell + will and can do. My local shop didn't have one for me to hit so I might have to drive a little farther or wait a little longer to get my hands on one.
I don't know how well the simulator I used was calibrated. I wasn't too concerned with the numbers compared to what they should be or what I normally get I was more concerned with how they compared to each other. So based on the numbers among those four drivers, I had to say the Bio Cell was my favorite. If I had been on a better launch monitor I think the numbers would have been more accurate. So, like I said, I wasn't worried about the spin or carry distance compared to...
The thing that struck me in that review was saying that the 440cc head makes it lower spinning. The SLDR is supposed to be the lowest spinning driver on the market and look at the minimal difference I had between it and the other drivers. Im not sure I would get any less spin with the plus than with the regular. Even with that being said, I will hit it as soon as I get the chance and make a better assumption.
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