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  i have been researching these.  the golf buddy gives you front back and center and has a button you push and a voice gives you the distance.  they are $119 at golfsmith.  golfbuddy also makes some fancier onces but i think i am going to go with the original golfbuddy as i only need to know distance.
I tend to top my 3 wood and my hybrid.  I play the ball off my front foot but I never catch it cleanly.  I have slowed my swing down and for some reason I just can't catch it.  I did it couple cleanly yesterday at the range by holding the club head in the air at address and then starting my backswing.  Maybe I should keep practicing that.
Is there a fairway wood that's easy to hit? I have a cobra baffler and can't hit it off the deck. Any drills to try? Any suggestions on some 3 woods that are easy to hit.
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