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lostballs.com   AAAAA bridgestone E6 or E7 for $9.99 per dozen
call mizuno and check the serial numbers - they are great about telling you where the clubs were sold and if the serial numbers match the clubs you are inquiring about
call taylormade and give them the serial number and ask them who they sold those clubs too.     the TM customer service is great.  you can even chat on the website with them.   i think my RSI1's have serial numbers on all of the clubs as well but not 100% sure - mine came from TM direct. 
 i bag a v steel 3 wood with a steel stiff shaft.  it's worn but hits great.  
i play the RSI1 irons - they have the slots on the bottom and the face and dirt isn't an issue.  the slots are filled with a black rubbery substance.    clubs seem to be more forgiving on mishits.  check out reviews on youttube - the data supports it.  
when i get a little out of control with my driver, i choke down a touch to gain some control.  i am 5'8 though.     may be worth a shot but a fitting would be even better.  
going for big bucks on ebay now
I need to get better with my irons.  When I pure them it feels so good but I just can't do it consistently.   Anybody got any good iron drills?  I know its part of my swing but thought some of you may have some ideas.  I need help hitting down on the ball.  I have always been a picker in golf - no divot.
49 yesterday - Cobblestone Golf Course - Garnett tees   had a four putt (yikes) and a few flubbed chips from some tight lies.  the good news is I drove the ball well, hit a 15 foot putt, and chipped in for par on number 9.  the golf gods always know how to keep you in this game.  :)
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