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just saw you are 5 handicap - i would check out the mizuno MP line for sure.  the semi-game improvement irons may help with your distance.  i have heard good things about the TM RSi 2's as well.
go hit several and see which you like.  i usually go to golfsmith and luckily one of the courses here has most clubs to try.  indoors is great but i like to see the flight outdoors.   not sure what our handicap is but i am a 15-20 and i am currently gaming the TM RSi 1's.  for me it came down to these and the ping G30's.   if you're a better player, i would check out the mizuno MP line.  those clubs are beautiful.  not sure why but i love the simplicity of the new nike...
he is def a mizuno fanboy.  he still games the jpx-ez but he did end up with the taylormade sldr driver after talking shit.  looks like he uses a versa putter in his course blogs.   he seems to have a pretty good life though and he does have a great swing.  always looks so effortless.
 I'm a sucker for a good Crossfield review.  He will give you an honest review although he obviously likes some brands more than others.
I wonder the same thing - all british guys.  Golf reviews in general on youtube are british guys.   Maybe I will start my own crappy golfer review channel.  :)   I am golf equipment addict - just love reading about and playing with all the new stuff as it comes out.
youtube comparison     I haven't hit the speedblades but I have the RSi1's.  I upgraded from TM Burner 2.0 and I hit the RSi1's much better.  They really do help with mishits.  They seem to only lose a few yards where other clubs lose more.   Youtube reviews - the data matches what I say above.  I like the face slots - they help me frame the ball.
@iacas you can delete the post if needed.  i was just offering my opinion on golf shoes in this golf shoe thread.  i am fairly new here and didn't realize that wasn't allowed.   i apologize.
Footjoy DNA - check ebay to buy them new for a cheaper price.  Go try them on though because they do fit a little different on my foot.  I am usually a 9.5 but got a 9 in these.
I know they are expensive but the footjoy DNA is the best golf shoe I have ever owned.  got a pair for Christmas and have played several rounds in them and they are so comfortable.  I played nine after work yesterday and forgot to change shoes when I was done.  I walked right into the grocery store to pick some stuff up with these on.   if you keep an eye on ebay, you can get a new pair for $150 or less.
said it in another thread, but get fit and try the G30.  check reviews on it.  it is as forgiving as any on the market right now.   youtube Ping G30 and watch some of Crossfields reviews.  he's honest and compares all the new drivers.   as long as I put a decent swing on mine, I hit the fairway.
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