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Definitely some positive progress there! Keep us posted how it goes on the course. 
Looked good out there and keep me posted on the progress! Great to spend the day out there with you. 
Thank you for the kind words Bill. Seems like a lot because, well, not sure next time schedules allow us to catch up, so we worked on four topics. You know how this game goes; it'd be easy if I drove it better, hit solid irons, got up and down and made a few putts.    Let's start with the SAM PuttLab reports.          
We're closing for aeration, but the next one is scheduled for Sunday, May 31st from 1-3. Thanks for the interest!
Hi everyone,   Want to extend an invitation to join me at Metedeconk National Golf Club in Jackson, NJ for this Friday's AimPoint Green Reading Clinic. It will be a great chance to see the facility and start holing more putts. Message me with any questions or if you'd like to register.   Thanks and hope to see you soon!       
Is @nevets88 holding out on you??? Bill, you're due for a visit yourself sometime in the near future too... 
Thanks for taking the time to come out to Metedeconk National! No doubt a great time and looking forward to seeing you in the next couple of weeks. 
Wait, the teaching pros on Facebook don't always get it right? : P 
While we're on the topic, here is an interesting photo of Gary Woodland and some comparative TrackMan numbers... 
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