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What will Adam Scott do when he has to lose the long putter?  Could he make that putt, under pressure with a traditional putter? 
~~ I’m sure the top players in the world, past and present would agree that Patrick will one day regret his comment when the golf gods serve up some humble pie!!  Live and Learn
I have been playing the G15 with graphite shafts for two years now and broke the 6, 7 and 8 iron.  There has been no abuse and Ping has always replaced the shaft free of charge.  The last time they told me that they will no longer replace them for me and advised me to get re fitted.  It is getting a bit frustrating and I do have to pay shipping.  I asked Ping if they would re shaft with steel and they said yes but it would cost me $37, each.  I think I will get refitted...
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