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Choke not a good golf word. Grip Down is better. Sometimes when I do I get the same distance anyway so I can't count on a tweener shot just by gripping down.
I spent 1 hour. First I hit a gap wedge 80 yards or less off of tight fairway lies, practising a shorter backswing and accelerating follow thru for these 3/4 shots working on controlling trajectory. Second using same club 10 to 30 yard chip shots.
Being a high ball hitter I've seen new sharp groove clubs stop the ball from rising and change distances a few yards.
I play with a 62 yr old single digit handicapper who uses his driver on every hole regardless of length and narrowness. His gentle 230 yard fade is a consistent thing of beauty. I've often wondered why he doesn't back off as he's a very conservative player, who will always play away from water to the opposite side in the rough. But his drive is his best shot and he is comfortable and confident and will thread the needle into the narrowing neck of the fairway 99 out of a...
Leaving your ball marker and putting over it could be considered an alignment aid?
If he missed everybody let it go with a little yelling, but he jeopardized the safety of your family, so if I'm on the jury I'd excuse you for anything you did to him. The fact that his daughter was there may change things somewhat ...
Sometimed the slowest type of group may not be women or beginners but 4 middle aged men with a little money and a lot of prestige on the line with their buddies. They follow each other to check if their opponent is improving his lie, using the right ball, or using a foot wedge. Everyone's afraid to loose and will look for their ball or a putting line forever. Then they discuss score immediately at green side and must know how the match is going before moving to the next...
I've heard a lot of things to improve pace of play but haven't heard changing stroke and distance to just a stroke penalty, dropping anywhere along line of flight, and not taking the distance penalty weather your ball is identified or not, for anyone that plays less than 20 rounds a year or will shoot 90 or more or some such thing. Errant shots and looking for your ball to identify it hold up play. Take the stress out of it, drop one and play on, the average Joe just wants...
Thanks for the info, followed the link to another thread and learned more.
What does it mean when tour players "flight" their wedges? Are they hitting 4 irons high but wedges low?
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