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Motor Officer for the California Highway Patrol. At least for another 9 months.
Light weights.
Currently smoking an olivia v. Recommend it.
If they are paid for, then I'd keep them. If you ever need them, 8-9 year old clubs are not that old to use. But if you sell them, you won't get that much for them.
She obviously married him for his personality.
Not a bit.
I was referring to mvmac's advise on page one. Worked pretty well for me. I thought I had quoted his post in mine. Not great with function buttons....
Old thread, but I read this advise about a month ago and what an improvement when I "trust it". Longer and straight. Thanks!
Didn't play well shot a 90. But it was at a great course. Coyote Moon in Truckee, Ca.
Spitting sunflower seeds on the green or throwing cigarette butts just off the green.   Everyone in the foursome ahead of you standing around watching each other hit. 
New Posts  All Forums: