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I hate it when either my beer gets warm or my cigar goes out.
Motor Officer for the California Highway Patrol. At least for another 9 months.
Light weights.
Currently smoking an olivia v. Recommend it.
If they are paid for, then I'd keep them. If you ever need them, 8-9 year old clubs are not that old to use. But if you sell them, you won't get that much for them.
She obviously married him for his personality.
Not a bit.
I was referring to mvmac's advise on page one. Worked pretty well for me. I thought I had quoted his post in mine. Not great with function buttons....
Old thread, but I read this advise about a month ago and what an improvement when I "trust it". Longer and straight. Thanks!
Didn't play well shot a 90. But it was at a great course. Coyote Moon in Truckee, Ca.
New Posts  All Forums: