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I'm new to golfing, so please excuse me if this question sounds silly. Would wearing decent Prada sunglasses seem silly for golf? Should I just spring for some decent Oakleys? For the record, I cannot wear cheap sunglasses anymore...long story.
Why, no?
I'd say I'm about a 2/10 on The Dork Scale...I don't look like a dork but occasionally act like one. So maybe I'm a 2.5. My girlfriend is hot I'd say...she's a news anchor on TV...so she's definitely not ugly. A watch will not tip scales...or will it?!?!?
Well the S4 is better looking than the S3, but I'm wearing a Casio Pathfinder digital watch now, so I'm not sure if I should swap out....
Well based on the responses I'm guessing most people would NOT be caught dead wearing one of these off of the golf course....
Is that considered "tacky"? Right now I wear a Casio Pathfinder digital watch (paid about $250 for it...it's a quality watch). Opinions wanted..,thanks.
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