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This driver will not let u down..... long!
Srixon golf balls
duhhh! #5 and #4 stage 2 hybrids
X2 hot driver set to 10 deg loft 1deg closed X hot pro irons 5-AW 54 and 58 deg mizuno JPX wedges (I like the bigger face) Rife putter blade
getting fitted is good time will spent
callaway vft hawkeye 9 deg for $4.99 perfect shape
I bought the xhot driver but returned for x2 hot big difference lighter more control and yes more yards (blue stiff) I have set to 10 degs and 1 deg closed
I'm at the same question but here is my best answer. Royal precision says 5.0 is a regular. 5.5 is a stiff etc. if u go to a 5.5  project x 95 shaft flighted this will be a regular some say reg + (firm) and 6.0 would be stiff. as for a kbs tour 90 reg would a reg + I choose the 5.5 x 95 over kbs. I played royal precision 5.0 in my mp 52 and loved them. my swing speed is 73-80 mph. lofts and shaft length have a lot to do with distance per club from different makers.
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