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I haven't heard anything about it. Is it worth a look?
I was in physical therapy for my shoulders a few months ago. Talking with the the folks there I found that they have found Astym to be very effective for golfers elbow. (You can read about it here: http://www.astym.com/Patients). I have golfers elbow and my forearms are so tight that my massage therapist couldn't get them to loosen up at all. The PT did a few Astym sessions and it made a big difference with my golfers elbow and the tightness in my forearms. I would try...
I installed Pure midsize wraps at the beginning of the season. I love them. They are very easy to install, very durable, and very tacky after wiping them down with a wet towel. They are soft but firm, not squishy. I can't comment on how they would be for someone with arthritis or nerve damage.
Good luck with physical therapy. It is great news that you can keep playing. Best.
I didn't wear a watch when golfing for years, but I love my Garmin S1. I don't even notice that that it is on my wrist and it is very convenient to glace at it when I am selecting a club.   I have found it to be very accurate, but have noticed that it is sometimes different by a yard or two relative to other GPS units. That difference appears to be a function of how each company maps the greens and determines where the middle is. I am not good enough to worry about a one...
Here is some data and some recommendations.   http://www.three45golf.org/
You may need a Dr's referral to do it, but go to a good physical therapist. I have been to a physical therapist for my shoulders and it made a big difference. Make sure they give you stretching, and exercises. Also see if they will do soft tissue mobilization (something like ASTYM). Treat shoulder surgery as a last resort.
For the last few years I have carried 3-wood, 5-wood, and 7-wood. This season I took out the 3-wood. I just didn't use it enough or hit it reliably enough. I am very happy with 5-wood and 7-wood, but will be looking to go 4-wood and 7-wood when I replace them.
I recommend the Top Flite Gamer. It is a great ball for the price. It goes on sale pretty regularly at the price of 2 dozen for $35 or $30 (depending on the sale).
Congratulations! I am really excited to get my copy and read it.   Steven
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