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 I don't disagree, but if I am working on my game and trying to get better, I would like to have a reliable metric to measure my performance, and, hopefully, my improvement.
I don't have a smart phone, so Arccos is not an option. Thanks for the suggestion, though.   Right now I am leaning toward Aimpoint so that I can learn a specific skill and put it into use. 
I think it will be most useful when looking at the data over time, as opposed to shot by shot, though StrokesGainedGolf does give that information.   The strokes gained is based on distance from the pin and lie before and after each shot.   ShotByShot does allow you to compare yourself to golfers of different handicaps based on the 200,000+ rounds of data that have been entered into it, but StrokesGainedGolf is new and only allows comparison to tour pros.   I will...
I am leaning toward keeping the subscription to StrokesGainedGolf.com and doing the Aimpoint clinic. The strokes gained analysis will give me a measure of my ball striking and the Aimpoint will help me improve my chances once I get onto the green. Perhaps next year's investment will be Game Golf and by then they might have additional statistics available.
I am trying to decide whether to pay for an Aimpoint clinic or Game Golf this year. Both will be about $200. Does anyone have any advice on which would be a better option?
If Game Golf adds strokes gained to its statistics, it would get me off the fence and I would buy it that week.
I agree with the replies to my original post. Improvement comes from practicing the right things with someone instructing you who knows what they are doing. Strokes gained analysis isn't for everyone and it isn't a substitute for being strategic in how you play a course (shot zones, decision maps, etc.). Average golfers typically loose the most strokes on full swing shots. Some, but not all golfers know where their weakness is and what to practice (Think separation...
I would start my 6 iron on the yellow line toward the bunker and let it draw a little. Wedge into the green from there. The other option would be to start my 7 wood a little to the right of the line and fade it, but that is a shot that is more likely to get away from me and it would also be headed to a narrower part of the fairway.    How do I get a LSW logo on my posts?
I agree that Game Golf is a valuable tool and I have it on my wish list. I also have Lowest Score Wins and think it is great. I buy into the shot zones and decision maps approach. I just think that strokes gained might be of interest to other golfers because it provides additional data to show strengths and weaknesses and it is better data than the regular stats that people use to track their golf game.
It was helpful for me to see exactly where I am giving up the most strokes relative to tour pros and others who score lower than I do. That, in turn, will help me prioritize my practice efforts. It was also fun to see that I had some shots where I actually gained strokes relative to the average tour player. 
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