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i hit 7 iron comfortable 165 in Washington state weather 
    I've been Playing Golf for:​ off and on for 10 years ....really got into it heavily the last 3 My current handicap index or average score is: 2 My typical ball flight is: draw but has been straightening.  feel comfortable with a fade. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fat and thin.  would like better ball striking   My swing plane is shallow up and steep down.  i would like to go totally opposite.  i try hard but i just can't seem...
hitting out of divots on fairway.  divots are man made.  they are not consistent in size.  they can be deep and not filled in with sand.  
i say pass on it.  you will run into a lady wearing the same jacket at a course or driving range.....guranteed.
I played in a golf tournament in which the following incident happened:  the ball came to rest in a dirt hole in a dirt area couple feet away from cart path which fit the golf ball perfectly with only the upper half of the golf ball showing.  Do i get free relief or play it as it lies?  Anybody know the ruling on this?      I was thinking abnormal condition may apply.  I ended up just playing it as it lies.  Thinking back i should have played two balls and got some type of...
my opinion      1)  trajectory would be low, carry would be short, roll would more, direction would have a tendency to the right, the feel would be dead. less spin   2)  trajectory would be high, carry would be longer, roll would be less, direction would have a tendency to the left, the feel would slingy, more spin.
bad business to sell men's golf apparel.  guys don't like to spend money on clothing.  if they do spend money on apparel, its usually good deals to be had online.  women love to buy apparel but many don't like to golf.  this is just my perspective though.
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