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Thanks to everyone for the advice. I really enjoyed my pro from my previous lessons so I think I will return to him with my new goals.
I am a novice weekend golfer who shoots between 100-105. I finally have some real time to practice/play multiple times a week and have decided I'd like to get to sub 90 scores. I have only taken very basic lessons (6 lessons on learning the basics) so I was wondering what people suggest to achieve this goal? Lots of driving range time? Weekly lesson? 2 a week lessons? Golf "school"? My biggest flaw is just consistency with long clubs and distance. I'm actually pretty...
Played 9 holes and didn't score well but I hit everything in the fairway for once! Only shots out of the rough were when I put too much power into a chip and rolled behind the green. Chipping/putting were not my friends...
I have thought about doing the logo ball as an inexpensive way to keep track of all the courses I've played. I haven't kept anything except my first "chip-in birdie" ball.
I lived in Augusta for 3 years but had not yet taken up golf... Wish I woulda picked up some mementos while I was there! If only I had known... Monte, the yardage book sounds like a real treasure. Congrats to you Sir.
Ernie Els -11 Jason Kokrak -8 Stuart Appleby -10 I'm feelin lucky!!
Just curious as to what everyone collects from different golf courses, tournaments, personal accomplishments etc. I have seen a wide variety of collectibles and would love to hear some unique "trophies" people take home for their "once in a lifetime" rounds/shots/experiences.
My wife and I got paired with 4 star General David Bramlett and his wife in a couples tournament... Don't know if that's "famous" but it was sure intimidating as $*** !
Well I finally bought some new clubs (Idea A12OS Hybrid Irons - 4-6 hybrid/7-GW iron - Reg Flex) to replace my $20 goodwill set of Titleists (Titleist Gold DCI Oversive + 2-8 iron, PW/SW) and I did so in blind faith having never tested these clubs. Probably not the smartest move, and I wish I could have been properly fitted to the newest and best clubs but Im a bargain bin kinda guy and I couldnt pass up this deal... so it's done.   So my question is, How long does it...
Very first tournament (couples best ball format) and my wife and I took 3rd place!! Shot a 70 (Par 58) and made some of the greatest putts of my short golf life! I hit a pitching wedge on the 2nd hole from 65 yds out and actually hit the pin! Then sunk the short 2 foot putt for par. Then on the ninth I knocked in a 25 foot putt to save par! I couldn't get it off the tee at all but inside 90 yds I felt like a pro. Had 4 one putts and only 1 three putt!
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