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Is there stll a country club for this game available for the Sand Trap and what name it has got?
Since it is winter here in north, no outdoor gaming, but recently I made in indoor golf arena 9-hole par-2 close encounter course (chip and putt) for even (E) =)
  A new personal record in Trackman. Swing speed was 114,3 mph.
Updates with new equipment:   Changed my Diamana Ahinas to Aldila VS Proto X, 80 to woods and 95 to hybrids   Driver: 300 yards 3-wood: 270 17h: 240 21h: 215 5I: 200 6I: 185 7I: 160 8I: 135 9I: 125 PW: 115 52: 105 56: 90 60: 80 64: 65 Putter: 211   Woods and hubs are all Titleist 910-series. Irons are Mizuno MP-59 and 64 wedge is Dunlop 10-bucks-miracle-next-to-rock-shanker. Putter is some cheap Wal-Mart-model, 211 yard putter drive was measured with...
I made the order August 17th and now it seems to be arriving soon. Let´s see.   I do not like a company which values "honesty" in their web page and customer service says "we have shipped it yesterday" and I get a "shipped today" -notification 6 days later.
No idea, but here in Finland they would be   910D2 + Diamana Ahina 500 e 910F + Diamana Ahina 299 e 910H 19* + Diamana Ahina 279 e Mizuno MP-59 5-PW + R12 52, 56 and 60 would be 1350 e 64 Dunlop Wedge 10 e =) Some 10 e putter   Totals as 2448 euros = $3182   I know, golf equipment is quite expensive here. I bought all of those in total of 450 euros used = approximately 600 USD.
I have shopped in 3balls earlier, it worked nicely without any delays. The store I used last week has been a bit slower now.
How have You been treated in the internet stores? I bought some Aldila shafts from one of US Yahoo-based stores a week ago and they charged me immediately. After that, no messages of sent order or others.
Yes, easily.
307 yards, said the GolfBuddy Tour at last week.
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