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Yes, easily.
307 yards, said the GolfBuddy Tour at last week.
There was some debate over the reality of Trackman results earlier spring. Tried it last week in competition where I measured a drive of 307 yards with GPS. I shot in the long drive competition 273 yards at another hole. Trackman estimates were something like 280 yards, so it seems accurate, at least with these results.
I am right-handed in general, nevertheless I can live with left hand only decently (tested due injuries). Yet, I play all games which require bats, rackets, clubs or cues by holding it from the end of the butt with right hand (it means I play tennis and snooker from right side, ice hockey, baseball and golf from left side.) My friends told I should start playing golf from right side, even it felt completely unnatural when I tried it. So, I chose to be a lefty. I feel my...
Some adjustment to the clubs: 910D2 Ahina 72x @ 7.75* 910F Ahina 80s @ 15* 910H Ahina 90s @ 21* Mizuno MP-59 5-PW Mizuno MP-R12 52* 56* 60* Dunlop Tour TP13 64* custom The 12-dollar putter
Titleist 910D2 8,5 -> 7,75 Diamana Ahina 72X Taylormade R11 5-19 rescue Fujikura Motore 3.0 Stiff Taylormade Burner 25* Stiff 4-PW Ben Hogan BH-5 Regular 56-60-64 Dunlop TP13 Tour wedges Some 12 dollar putter
43 in 9 holes last Friday in winter greens. With my HCP it´s -8 net =).
My first par for this spring, since the courses are just opening up.
Fastest measured 123,8 mph. Ordinarily 115-118 mph. Measured with Trackman.
New lefty from Northern Europe joining in. My father is a lefty and so are two of my brothers who golf rarely. In my own family which I work as a father (3 kids and wife) the skirt department is only heretic, playing from dominant right side. I could consider it as a contra-statistical issue that 4 out of 5 in my family are lefties.
New Posts  All Forums: