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Updates with new equipment:   Changed my Diamana Ahinas to Aldila VS Proto X, 80 to woods and 95 to hybrids   Driver: 300 yards 3-wood: 270 17h: 240 21h: 215 5I: 200 6I: 185 7I: 160 8I: 135 9I: 125 PW: 115 52: 105 56: 90 60: 80 64: 65 Putter: 211   Woods and hubs are all Titleist 910-series. Irons are Mizuno MP-59 and 64 wedge is Dunlop 10-bucks-miracle-next-to-rock-shanker. Putter is some cheap Wal-Mart-model, 211 yard putter drive was measured with...
I made the order August 17th and now it seems to be arriving soon. Let´s see.   I do not like a company which values "honesty" in their web page and customer service says "we have shipped it yesterday" and I get a "shipped today" -notification 6 days later.
No idea, but here in Finland they would be   910D2 + Diamana Ahina 500 e 910F + Diamana Ahina 299 e 910H 19* + Diamana Ahina 279 e Mizuno MP-59 5-PW + R12 52, 56 and 60 would be 1350 e 64 Dunlop Wedge 10 e =) Some 10 e putter   Totals as 2448 euros = $3182   I know, golf equipment is quite expensive here. I bought all of those in total of 450 euros used = approximately 600 USD.
I have shopped in 3balls earlier, it worked nicely without any delays. The store I used last week has been a bit slower now.
How have You been treated in the internet stores? I bought some Aldila shafts from one of US Yahoo-based stores a week ago and they charged me immediately. After that, no messages of sent order or others.
Yes, easily.
307 yards, said the GolfBuddy Tour at last week.
There was some debate over the reality of Trackman results earlier spring. Tried it last week in competition where I measured a drive of 307 yards with GPS. I shot in the long drive competition 273 yards at another hole. Trackman estimates were something like 280 yards, so it seems accurate, at least with these results.
I am right-handed in general, nevertheless I can live with left hand only decently (tested due injuries). Yet, I play all games which require bats, rackets, clubs or cues by holding it from the end of the butt with right hand (it means I play tennis and snooker from right side, ice hockey, baseball and golf from left side.) My friends told I should start playing golf from right side, even it felt completely unnatural when I tried it. So, I chose to be a lefty. I feel my...
Some adjustment to the clubs: 910D2 Ahina 72x @ 7.75* 910F Ahina 80s @ 15* 910H Ahina 90s @ 21* Mizuno MP-59 5-PW Mizuno MP-R12 52* 56* 60* Dunlop Tour TP13 64* custom The 12-dollar putter
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