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Here, 130 miles south from polar circle, it´s forbidden to go to course in case of sub-zero temperatures due the grass death when walking or especially pushing cart over there.
I use Dunlop 60 and 64 degree wedges, USD13 apiece. If there´s a malformation, I´ll just buy a new one.
That would be Yours Truly wearing original Soviet Navy submarine warfare captain 1. rank uniform.
Bridgestone B330S. Previously Nike 20XI-X, but they are noisy enough to damage my ears when hit with a driver.
My not-so-low handicap is mainly due the inconsistency i had last autumn, especially with iron shots. Last autumn I have made total of 4 birdies which make a ton of stableford points with my hcp. On the other hand, I have never played a round of golf without a zero points hole. My main winter practice has been just for consistency, especially with iron shots and with the new driver I suddenly needed (previous one was regular shaft and explains why there was inconsistency...
I am sorry, Rahul, I do not understand, probably due my incomplete English skills, since it´s not my native language. What do You mean by fat shots on grass, You mean that the club hit the grass? The balls were laying on 31/4 tee stick, a grass shot was highly unlikely.
Let´s hope it does, having too high is not good for reputation, I see. I have been accused sandbagger several times last autumn already. First time I had relatively good defence - 4 days old green card. In last competition of season I made 37 stableford points. It was 2 clubs only -competition, I was armed with 6I and PW.
True that. When I was doing that 12-shot job, I was trying to get the shots as middle as possible. I have noticed same thing which is probably known by all: cautious shot is somewhat shorter than all-out desperate try =). I have once had a possibility to putt for eagle in par-4 after successful hard shot. Too bad I missed from 20 feet.When I was hitting in indoor arena this morning with new loft adjustments, I could keep consistent carry + roll of 265 meters (about 290...
Those 12 shots averages by the Trackman report 262 yds. But, as I said, there is no use for 300 yard shots if they don´t land anywhere near the centre of the fairway. In case Trackman is anyhow reliable, I consider proven that 16 handicapper can hit 300+ yards since 27,9 handicapper can also.   Edit: You mentioned PW/Driver carry ratio. That is correct, it´s quite close of it.   Was this thread about carry or total?
New Posts  All Forums: