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Ok so i can hit my 6/7/8/9/pw very well I also can hit my Rescue 200 dead str8 or even put a Fade or Hook on it if i want to but when comes to Driver and my 3/4/5 irons and 3 wood Irons i just hit like crap and slice and 3wood and driver im slicing 90% of the time what could be the cause of this ? 
If possible can u edit my videos to show these 2 at top since main 1 is junk and will turn people away from scrolling down to here?       
  I've been Playing Golf for:​ 2 years  My current handicap index or average score is: 95 My typical ball flight is: Slice The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slice on drive    Well my Buddy put his damn finger over camera and quality is awful ill take another 1 tomorrow if i get chance or following day but for now heres this junk :P    Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCJBMgxktS0      
Ok so i have a slice i know more then 1 thing is causing it but last time out i noticed on hole 18 in my Stance my front foot was always about 1 inch or so back from my back foot towards target.. so A my aim would be off ... Also im wondering if since i was still trying to hit to where i wanted if that would have been biggest issue causing my slice i know this isnt the best post but advice if any
Yes i did lol
Topic says it all!
I mean i guess R1 is only a driver so if had bag not like its big deal its still brand of all clubs i use.. lol and next driver im prob gonna get is an R1
I use Rocketbladez and Rocketballz driver. But only Taylormade bags ive liked really are R1 anyone know of any nice looking bags that fit those clubs? lol
So i started golfing a lot last year but used Hand me downs from my pops witch are 1999 clubs i am going to buy new clubs already know what im getting my question is im buying them at a Golf Show. Do they just sell there or can i get sized and everything?? ive never purchased new irons so not sure on what i need to do.
Am i the only 1 who cant stand Mary and thinks she needs to get Eliminated? 
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