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Yes i did lol
Topic says it all!
I mean i guess R1 is only a driver so if had bag not like its big deal its still brand of all clubs i use.. lol and next driver im prob gonna get is an R1
I use Rocketbladez and Rocketballz driver. But only Taylormade bags ive liked really are R1 anyone know of any nice looking bags that fit those clubs? lol
So i started golfing a lot last year but used Hand me downs from my pops witch are 1999 clubs i am going to buy new clubs already know what im getting my question is im buying them at a Golf Show. Do they just sell there or can i get sized and everything?? ive never purchased new irons so not sure on what i need to do.
Am i the only 1 who cant stand Mary and thinks she needs to get Eliminated? 
Has anyone hit both is there a huge difference? im going to golf show on Sat. and going to be purchasing new irons those are the ones ive been looking at. But i know i can save alot getting Rocketbladez but if big difference will spend more money 
So in 2010 people were saying Taylormade and Delofting... :P dont they say the Loft on new clubs is much more? sorry i dont know a ton but i have 12 year old irons from Taylormade and am buying new 1s this year and Rocketbladez to me seem like the best for me.
Yeah ive thought the Camera thing but i feel i cant tell much unless super slow mo haha but ya posting would help
So any things that you guys feel is a must have to work on golf swing while at home? i live in michigan so im thinking about getting a net and stuff for basement but i feel that still wont show much of how im improving.  What are some good tools to get?
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