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Are you kidding me? Contacting the ground before you hit the ball KILLS clubhead speed. A sure sign of a hack! Absolutely NOBODY on tour does this. Actually there is some very interesting data/photographic evidence that after contact with the ball, an iron is deflected down almost 11* creating the resulting divot. This is with an angle of attack of Zero Degrees into the ball. Don't believe me? See it for yourself at http://www.tutelman.com/golf . By the way, you should...
As an addendum to my previous post, I don't believe this issue will ever be resolved until the USGA steps in and sets policy. They should, at the very least, make a recommendation. They are well aware of the problem, yet refuse to address it. I'm not sure why since just about everybody plays Match Play most of the time.
The problem with the handicap system is that it was designed for medal (stroke) play and NOT match play. I would not have a problem giving away 18 shots to a 21 in stroke play, but I don't like giving him a shot per hole in match play. He will inevitably make some doubles and triples which only result in loss in a loss of hole in match play, but that will rack up his medal score. Consequently, he will retain his high handicap which is ONLY accurate for medal play. For...
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