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Hi All Anyone ever golfed in Belek Turkey? I am playing Gloria Old and New plus Tat and Catalya Anyone been there? Thanks
Just giving credit where it's due - I came onto this website having searched for one of his reviews and found this thread Felt compelled to contribute Not that he's perfect - he can be a bit too non-committal his reviews IMO
Sure - I've not seen any of Clements work but if he was using youtube too then it's all good Plenty of room for free impartial golf advice in the market The position Crossfield has established is that if you google pretty much any piece of golf kit and the word "review" then he'll be there He also uses twitter and Facebook and has an app which enables you to send him a clip of your swing and he will try to assess it for you via a youtube clip What's not to like?
Mark Crossfield should be applauded for understanding and using the wealth if free social media we have and using it to reach a huge audience with honest free expert advice Whether you like him or not I think he should be praised for that as he has spotted an opportunity and utilised it perfectly I personally really like him - his reviews are honest and his instruction clear - he always encourages you to give things a go and try them for yourself and in an industry where...
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