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It is unique.I like the way he shapes the ball,it's amazing.
I would bet on Italy.Final of the Euro 2012+ hard group means strong start if they get out of the group phase.
My 4-iron.Love the flight and feel
Well,it was the attitude.I say : Hey I lost the exact same ball that you just happened to find . He responds :Oh,sorry.Don't know what you're talking about. The nastiest I got still was the day I drove on the adjacent fairway.There's two balls,so I go there to see which is mine.The guy just shoots into one and another guy says the other ball is his.Ok.I ask them if they have seen a ball,and the third guy says the first picked  it up.I know it's my fault for missing my...
Yup.Really helpful.Sometimes you don't realize the distances.On one hole with water,I used to get nervous and used an hybrid.Now,I know a 7-iron is enough.I was beginning btw
I had three balls lost in my last few rounds this year. One ball I pushed it a little right towards the trees.I search and found like three balls but none mine.So I play the provisional.Then,like ten holes later a guy in my group putt a ball exactly the same as mine .He told me it was his,he found it during the round.He was a good guy,so I was not sure. A week later,same thing,a guy in  my group putt a ball exactly like mine at the 18th after I lost one like that at tthe...
I guess you're right,selfish attitude of me just wanting tips,I understand.
Oh,you misunderstood me,I wasn't commanding people to respond to me,just that I didn't know if anyone would respond after 2 weeks. Thanks for the video and the answers,you seem to help lot of persons !
Hi everyone ,if someone can respond to me !   Here are two videos on the practice mat. Those are 5-iron shots.      
Well they start normally until a certain point where they seem to turn more (like at the highest point). I put some tape on the club face and I definitely have a tendency to hit more towards the toe of the club.I think it's just that until now I didn't really thought about that ,now they seem to get more centered since.Thanks for the tips,Seems I need less flex on the left leg and connect a bit more left arm and body ! Will try it later thanks !
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