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Yeah,Rory winning would be a piece of history.I think he will be in the top 10.As for the winner,golf is always quite hard to predict.Purely based on feeling,my bet is on Schwartzel,Fowler or McIllroy.
I would say Stenson,then Dubuisson
Sergio will maybe loose because of the sandtrap...
Oh,and a bird stole my sandwich !
Shot 96 on a par 72 under heavy sun.Ok with the long game and irons(still some errors) ,but my scramble and putting is really not as good as I thought and costing me at least 10 shot.I get on par 4 in 2(or pin high) and end up with bogeys mostly or some double.30 yard of a par 5 in 2,end up with a double.Lots of 3 putts from 30/35 feet.But it's nice to see your irons fly to the pin ! Put an hybrid to 25 ft from 210 yards.
It is unique.I like the way he shapes the ball,it's amazing.
I would bet on Italy.Final of the Euro 2012+ hard group means strong start if they get out of the group phase.
My 4-iron.Love the flight and feel
Well,it was the attitude.I say : Hey I lost the exact same ball that you just happened to find . He responds :Oh,sorry.Don't know what you're talking about. The nastiest I got still was the day I drove on the adjacent fairway.There's two balls,so I go there to see which is mine.The guy just shoots into one and another guy says the other ball is his.Ok.I ask them if they have seen a ball,and the third guy says the first picked  it up.I know it's my fault for missing my...
Yup.Really helpful.Sometimes you don't realize the distances.On one hole with water,I used to get nervous and used an hybrid.Now,I know a 7-iron is enough.I was beginning btw
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