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Excellent point.  Hard to break that baseball swing habit.  lol
I love the masking tape suggestion.  Such a simple a great idea!    I played baseball for years, and I had a very compact and fast swing.  My hands were very close to my body in the swing.  Is this ok in golf too or is it more advisable to have the hands further away from the body on the swing (downswing)?
Could hitting the ball on the toe of the club cause such a violent deviation from a normal, straight shot?  And if so could a reason that I start hitting that way be due to me somehow pulling my hands in (closer to my body) on the downswing?? 
Correct.  Pretty much just going directly to my right (or almost straight on in front of me as per the position upon addressing the ball at the tee).  It ONLY happens with IRONS.  Damn, I should've mentioned that in the opening.  To be honest I do not know if I'm hitting it off the toe.  That had occurred to me, and I've tried to adjust by standing super close to the ball but that didn't help.  Although perhaps I'm STILL hitting it off the toe even though I'm standing...
I'm a hack who's been playing on and off for years.  Pretty much a bogey golfer at munis.  There is a very peculiar phenomenon which has plagued me for years now.  I'll be hitting the ball just fine (fine for me, i.e. straight enough and far).  This will go on for days if not weeks.  But then suddenly it ALL starts going wrong and I mean WAY wrong, and when this does happen, I can't ever seem to hit the ball straight again.  I have to quit for a few weeks then when I...
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