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Interesting way of looking at it.  And it makes sense.  Never viewed it that way before.  Could a possible inside to outside swing (improper swing plane) cause such a shot?  Again, going back to my baseball habits I could easily see how my club head might be very inside on downswing and then finishing way off line (outside) due to my baseball tendency to put weight on back foot.  But again, I would think if this were the problem then I'd have erroneous shanks with woods...
I am so frustrated.  I hit well (well enough) with all my woods and putt reasonably well.  When I'm not plagued with my iron problem, those are very nice shots too.  But invariably I run into this catastrophic problem only with irons--the ball will shoot off violently to my right.  It's not even a slice.  It's a massive shank.  I will try to get a vid of the swing but after trying to dissect it over and over again on the range I think my club face may be opening up.  Would...
Good question.  I honestly don't know.   I bought the 5 wood used, 6 years ago.  So I'm guessing it's older.  I can launch balls with the 7 pretty far.  I can't hit nearly as far with my 5.  In general does bigger head = more distance? 
My friend gave me a 7 wood as a gift.  The head is significantly bigger than that of my 5 wood.  Does that mean I could hit the ball further with the 7 wood?  And why would a 7 wood be so much bigger than a 5 wood?  They are from different manufacturers but the discrepancy in size is overwhelming.  The 5 wood head size is really quite small.    23 degree loft on 7, 22 degree on the 5. 
Well I'm sure it was a lot faster than a putting stroke, but mechanically it was akin to a putting stroke--didn't break my wrists, didn't bend the elbows, etc.  I addressed the ball with the 9 iron as I would if I had a putter and was about to put.  Then I pulled the club back like I would a putter, but a bit further (if the club is at zero degrees when addressing the ball and 90 degrees when parallel to ground on your backswing, I was about 45 degrees).  But the motion...
That certainly could be.  But for sure I kept my wrists locked and didn't bend the elbows--both of which you'd obviously do in a "real" swing using an iron.  I like your suggestion of posting a vid.  Great idea.  I will take some vids and upload here.  Thanks for the tip! 
I've been VERY erratic hitting my irons.  I'll get the shanks and start violently spraying them to my right (I'm a righty).  I experimented "putting" the ball with my PW and 9.  They were all perfectly straight and quite high.  I was hitting the 9 iron 80 yrd-- ---very straight.   Is there any reason I shouldn't just stick with this unconventional method?  Obviously the ball isn't going as far (normally hit a 9 about 130-135 but there's always a huge chance I'll shank). ...
Excellent point.  Hard to break that baseball swing habit.  lol
I love the masking tape suggestion.  Such a simple a great idea!    I played baseball for years, and I had a very compact and fast swing.  My hands were very close to my body in the swing.  Is this ok in golf too or is it more advisable to have the hands further away from the body on the swing (downswing)?
Could hitting the ball on the toe of the club cause such a violent deviation from a normal, straight shot?  And if so could a reason that I start hitting that way be due to me somehow pulling my hands in (closer to my body) on the downswing?? 
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