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Thanks Hacker, your advice seems to fit my needs! I do have more time than money (at least in regards to golf), and I'm more interested in something that fits me right as compared to the latest and greatest. Barely used is also not a problem for me. I bought my putter used, and it has stood me in good stead.   --Me
Thanks for the response, folks! I'm definitely leaning towards a slightly older model (which will be cheaper) so I can afford to have it properly fitted. I don't think, with my game, that the latest and greatest will show marked improvement on last year's latest and greatest, and getting something fitted will probably have a much larger impact than getting something slightly newer.   Outside of flex and loft, is it likely that shaft length will need to be tweaked? If so,...
Yeah, they have a whole bunch of last year's models on sale for terrific savings. How important is it to get the driver fitted, however? I've never had fitted clubs. I'm just looking for a nice club that will last me a handful of years and grow with me as I grow as a golfer. Since I've been making consistent improvements (and spending the time to improve) I assume it is fairly safe to assume I will continue to do so.   --Me
So I just got $300 in gift certificates to golfsmith, and am desperately in need of a new driver. I've been playing four a couple of years, and my driver is a 15 year old big bertha that doesn't fit. My irons, on the other hand, I bought last year and suit me very well.   So what I'm trying to figure out is what to do with my $300. Do I try to get a used driver and have it fitted and reshafted for me? Do I just test a bunch and buy one as is?   I'm on a tight budget,...
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