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HELL YES! - but only if they came in black & red ...
Sorry I'm a little late to this thread but I see its been bumped by Skenny ... There's a lot of controversy surrounding "Lob" wedges ... Purists say, "its done more harm to the game than any club ever" ... ETC. IMO they are very useful, fun & versatile ... I generally don't use my 60 or 64 degree wedges for full shots ... The 60* is for green side chipping/pitching and the 64* for sand & flop shots ... I am by no means a great player, don't have an official handicap but...
saevel25 - you are a wise man! I played stiff shafts for the past 3-4 years - just recently had a lesson with video analysis ... Instructor recommended an X-Stiff driver shaft moving forward so I purchased a demo club for $120 with an XS and the dispersion has been much tighter since I swapped shafts. I'm wondering if I need new iron/woods shafts as well ...  Rob
I also launch the ball very high - I recently had a lesson with video analysis and realized I was bending by left arm at impact and adding loft to the club ...
Miguel Angel Jimenez takes the cake for me ... He might be the most interesting man in golf, but he annoys the hell out of me ...   Sabbatini is a close second
 I can not stand his commentary but you hit the nail on the head ... Look at us right now, in this thread = Were talking about him/he must be doing something right ... He is a polarizing figure in the sport.
Wow - This range is my problem area ... Just picked up a 64* wedge and plan on playing that between the ranges listed. Max's out @ 75-80 yards, stops on a dime & for the 1st time I get back spin.   Like most people said, it definitely ranges on conditions ... Can I pitch the ball & run it up close from 50 yards? Are there hazards? I don't worry too much about pin position due to my ability level at this point - I almost always aim for middle of the green.     Rob 
21 degrees is 21 degrees ... Like mentioned above - all things being equal: length / shaft / etc. distance should be the same ...   Just because one is labeled a 3 and the other is a 4 - means nothing.   Its a marketing ploy ... My RBZ 3i is 17.5* & a Ping I20 3I is 21* ... The specs vary by manufacturer     Rob
Left pocket = Absolutely nothing - I have a phobia - I'm quirky lol   Right pocket = 2-3 tee's / lighter / extra ball   Ball marker is on my cap - steelers of course ...   Nothing in my back pockets ... phobia again   Hold my watch, wallet, etc. in a pouch 
Indeed it was ...
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