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Thanks Jodastra   Please lock or delete this thread. Thank you.
Thanks teamroper60... and the preowned Callaways are not an option with the gift card, I checked. I was disappointed because the preowned warehouse is in Austin and I could just cruise on over there and have them the same day.   I'll research the X2 Hot line of clubs.
Thanks Chris, I plan on taking lessons to get off to a good start.
Hey all, another newbie/beginner golf club scenario for all of you... with a possible twist due to my circumstances.   I've played golf twice in my life and really enjoyed it despite being horrible. My second time I managed to finish with the same ball I started with, a major accomplishment in my mind. I'm at a point in life that things have settled down, married again and trying to build our family. No more extensive traveling, long motorcycle trips or traveling the...
Hi all... I'm Tim from Austin and finally taking up golf. I've played twice and enjoyed it but never made the time to pursue it. Life has settled down a bit, less bike trips and traveling. I work offshore which means I work just over six months a year, I'm thinking I'll have time to practice and play without sacrificing family time. I look forward to learn from your forum and all the members. Thanks for having me.
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