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I started hitting the ball better and I did consider having the lofts adjusted, but that would affect the bounce. These irons did not have the bounce my older set had. I'm trying to adjust to these smaller clubs.
Well I went and video taped myself hitting the ball, and check where I was hitting on the club face.  I was all over the place and my distance was still short.  Found my self catching too much ground by shifting my body too far in front of the ball and trying to compensate for it.  I started making better contact and after an hour of hitting nothing but my 8 iron, I started hitting about 148 to 155 yards.  Accuracy is still an issue but I can work on it.  I am now hitting...
Jodastra, it's amazing how high I launch the ball with these irons. I was thinking I would be hitting at the same trajectory and everything would be fine. I should have looked at club specs before I bought these. Looks like I should have bought the Rocketbladez instead of the tours. All my friends buy clubs every 3-5 years I figured it was time to upgrade. Should have done my homework.
I will try to check where on the club face I'm making contact. I have to be mis-hitting the ball.
I didn't get fitted and from some of the replies I chose the wrong club. These are stock clubs with the KBS stiff shaft. I may have to sell these and stick to my old irons. Hard part will be taking the loss and explaining it to my wife, lol. Maybe practicing may be an option but since I only play once a week, I can't find the time.
So would it be better to stick to game improvement irons? I realize they are smaller but even when I do catch it solid I'm only looking at about 150 max. I guess the height of the ball flight is what bothers me and when I try to lower my trajectory I wind up with miss hits. Just find it hard to believe that 1 degree makes that much of a difference. Since I'm stuck with them, I'll have to figure out new distances and play accordingly. Just going to have to get that...
I replaced my 15 year old TM super steel irons with the TM Rocketbladez Tour. With me averaging about 83-87 in scoring I figured it would be a good choice. Problem turns out that the lofts and length are different. Where I could hit my old eight iron about 150-158 yards now my new Rbladez 8 iron only goes about 130-140. Now I launch the ball too high and lose too much distance. Now I find my self using a 6 iron to get 155-163 which I find it harder to hit maybe...
New Posts  All Forums: