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Yeah that's always an option... im going to look into that thanks.
What is the skinniest shaft available??
I have not seen any articles on this which Is suprising but I am sure it has been done. I have a turn of the century brass putter head that I would like to outfit with a modern shaft and grip. problem is the hosel has such a narrow hole that I cannot find any shafts narrow enough to fit. I am contemplating widening the hosel hole to fit a new shaft. I would like to avoid this as I don't want to destroy a piece of history. any suggestions?
What you guys do not realize is most likely you will never be on the tour lol. When there is money involved or something on the line I would play smart when I have to. But if you are just out there having fun why not go for the flag. And if you want to know greatness comes from doing great things. Sticking the ball in the middle of the green isnt great. I mean hell if you are aiming for the center of the green why not aim for the flag? It is still a target. You are going...
then again if you aren't playing competitively why not have some fun?? aiming for the center of the green  will diminish my chances of getting hole in ones or eagles on the 4 and 5's. do you know where greatness comes from?  it comes from being brave and taking chances. sure you have to walk through fire to get there but once your'e there you will be glad you did. I never want to be the guy to layup  or punch my ball out to the center of the fairway instead of hooking my...
I searched ebay....searched google.....even called orvis, and after all that I literally found one piece of information which came from calling orvis. apparently it has not been made in over 20 years and they do not carry it anymore. other than that google and ebay turned up nothing. anyone have any info on this?? anyone interested in buying it?? I can make an ebay auction  and do things legit. I just know orvis is extremely expensive and there might be some old timers...
hey is that the studio 1.5 in your profile pic? i picked up one today actually. 30 bucks lol. good deal?? came with headcover and divot tool. the only thing im a little upset about is it has a blue ping putter grip.  im probably going to get it regripped. any suggestions? thx!!
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