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Hang in there.  Keep putting fear in that net!
Okay, Last Saturday I was 105 out in the trees on the right.  Pine trees all around.  I have a window where I have to play the ball left about 25 yards left of the green and keep in semi- low.  I grab a 4 iron open the club face a lot and give it a big outside in swing to cut across the ball - ball flew under the tree limbs, and sliced like a champ...  landed on the wet green (carried a bunker) and rolled to about 10 feet for birdie...    I didn't putt it....    I...
I just spent way too much time reading this thread.... but well worth it.  That was some funny stuff!!!  Except for a missing @MS256 who must have fell in when attempting to film such an activity...   and to @Golfingdad - That was awesome!   Did he really mean he hit the ball out with 1 foot in the water?  yea thats it!!!!   That's 100% possible!!!
Update-  Finished the regular season 8-5 but led the league in points by a wide margin - Had the most points scored against me as well.  Basically if I played every team every week in my league 116-27 so my 8-5 record really isn't reflective of how well my team has played - tough schedule! Looking good heading into the playoffs as the number 2 seed this week....  Roster has only changed a little since the trade-  I still like it for a 12 team league - QB:   Aaron...
Sunset Hills was bad.  The weather was a little gloomy but the rain stopped before we got there.  I tried to talk them into another course but they were looking for something cheap (I still had fun!).   PS...  Thanks for the recommendations-  We talked about all the courses you mentioned - it just came down to price pretty much. The tournament at Tradition Golf Club was good too.  The fairways are larger than they look but the trees off the fairways are thick making it...
Thanks. They wanted to play sunset hills for $36. Greens are small and super slow... had a good time. Shot 83 but was goofing off on the last couple holes and had two triples lol... shot 37 on the front.
Well we went t epicenter had a great time and will check cirst thing am....... maybe lol
Right by nascar hof... $50 is reasonable
We have 3. We are staying near the conf center but we have a vehicle. We are playing tradition on monday for a tournament
Quick... need help. In Charlotte and tomorrow just opened up. Whats a good course with a reasonable price to play?
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