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May 22- Full swings with Driver this morning already - no ball.  Working on keeping my left arm straight at address and not sliding back during my backswing....  Best ball today wooo!!!  t-minus 2 hours till lift off!!!    I can't wait to win my new car today for my ace! lol
I catch jokes all the time...  I accidentally bought 2 dozen Srixon Z Star XV's bright yellow....   and well I'm hooked on them things now!!! 
Granby street for nightlife in Norfolk  I don't go there much anymore but it wouldn't be shut down at 10p.  Virginia Beach is only minutes from Norfolk and has plenty of places to go to at night also.  I haven't played Deer Run in years.  If you're ever down this way again aim for Riverfront, Nansemond River, or one of the VB courses like Heron Ridge, or VB national.     83 isn't a bad round on a course you've never played.   300 million rich........  nice......
May 21- Full swings with Driver today - no ball.  Working on keeping my left arm straighter at address.  Spent time putting inside just working on putting with my eyes over the ball - Using a mirror... Different note:  Best ball tomorrow...  -would love an ace and a car! lol.. 
May 19- Played best ball tourny   Spent extra time on the putting green making sure my eyes are over the ball...  also spent time on the practice green working on my pitching... Did work in the morning also pitching into a box in the back yard working on my landing zone.     May 20- (20 in a row) Pitching into a box again in the back yard.
May 18, (18 in a row) Pitching into a box in the back yard...  working on my landing zone...  15-20 minutes today
May 17, (17 in a row) Putting this afternoon inside... more focused on my setup and having my eyes over the ball.  I have a tendency to let my eyes drift over or past the ball.
May 16, (16 in a row) Spent 15 minutes this morning working on my chipping again...  Had to get it in early -may not have the chance later-
May 15, (15 in a row) Working on putting stroke...   also spent a little time chipping into a box outback.   Honestly zoned out a little after a LONG day...   Didn't focus as well as I should have but I was still paying some attention to my technique. 
Honestly, it's a preference...  It's not all about forgiveness.  Some players want a certain turf interaction, some want to be able to work the ball more- left and right, and flight it better....  Each player has to know their own swing and  will eventually determine what they think is best for them... some don't like to see a thick topline, some want a more narrow sole, some do have an ego, some don't...   to each his own....   GI clubs are great and have many qualities...
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