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I personally use a 19 degree and a 22 degree hybrid in my bag and then 6i-9i and I find that this set up works very well for me. However I would test one out if you get a chance and make sure the distance is right for your individual style of play before replacing your 4i. 
I pledge to create a golfer in 2014.
Being a young player myself I do think that yelling is not necessarily the best thing to do on a golf course. However with that being said I don't really see a problem with someone getting excited after making a shot. Me and my friends often do this and nobody really says anything. I would also like to add that the older player yelling at you is doing the same thing he's yelling at you for. Two wrongs don't make a right old man...My point is that if your excited show it,...
Thanks to all for the welcome. And that winter depression thread sadly does apply to me :( although I do have one indoor range close by so I can practice my short game. Cant wait until all of the snow melts though. Looking forward to the upcoming season.
Hi everyone. The names mike and I'm from upstate New York. Currently I am a student in college but my job currently is a day trader in the FOREX market (currency exchange). I have been golfing for about 6 years now and I'm improving my game constantly. I look forward to being a part of this golf community. Thanks
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