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I've made 2 hole in ones. On May 9 three years ago playing the 16th at Crofton Country club hit my drive down the center and smoked a 4 wood to a front pin and watched it go in. The funny thing was we were playing a stabelford and didn't know how to give it a point value as an eagle was the most anyone had ever gotten and that was extremely rare. I'll take the double eagle over the ace any day.
I can't believe this post has somewhat died. As stated before I have tried this on and off for maybe five years. I finally realized i always get lost and go back to the Dante moves  and do well. So I downloaded the book and made a commitment to try to learn something every time I go to the range that I ignored the first time around and go with it. The first thing I realized was that I was not holding my grip tight enough, I thought I needed to have my wrists "loose" but...
I couldn't agree more. When you consider all the methods being taught that involve so much movement and timing you would think someone would be teaching this. When I get in a good rhythm I hit the ball so straight and long but like everyone in golf when my timing is bad I start trying different swings to find one that works. How many times have you been on the range and thought I FINALLY HAVE IT!!! For me many hundreds. All I know is when I go back to Dante and i'm in...
I have gone back and fourth with the Dante method. I just find when things look the worst I revert to the method with great results. I've been working on it again in ernest and reading former post from different forums and have picked up some key things that have helped me not only stop hitting it left but getting me the feeling of the "late hit". I'm really hitting it long and straight.
I thought I'd revive this post to see if anyone out their is still following it. I have done it with great success, had some problems with it (hooking everything) but I find I always come back because when I'm playing bad in the middle of the round I give it a try and it always seems to save the day. I think my biggest problem is understanding the second move which is the lateral slide. The lateral slide always seems to cause me to push the ball.
I just got my grips and gun and had a hard time getting the first one on but found if you start the grip and hold it close to the shaft and push as you let the air in it goes on pretty easily. 
EJ, thanks for the tip. Didn't know about the quotes. Dave
I use the top left. Cleaner disinfectant . 
Go to the hardware store and get Spray 9. It will change your life (kind of)
I have the Winn Dri-Tac and they are the best! I've had mine on for a year and clean them every 2 months with spray nine and they still feel like new. I play at least 100 rounds a year and hit balls frequently in-between. I'm ready to change them out but they still feel like they have a little life left in them. 
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