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You know the feedback has been great. In the end If I want to go with a graphite shaft I'm going to sell these clubs and buy a newer set. If I put graphite shafts on these clubs I will make them worthless.
Thanks for the input. Much appreciated.
I have a nice set of Srixon I701-tour irons. They have regular steel shafts and I'm thinking I'd like to get a set of lightweight graphite shafts to upgrade the clubs without having to buy a new set. The shaft tip is .355. Any imput? Thanks
Yes I'm looking at the ball but i'm not focused on the ball. If I focus directly on the back of the ball solely I find I try to hit the ball instead of swing they the ball. Maybe it's just me......
When I'm playing I find if I stare at the ball I become "ball bound". During my full swing, chipping and putting I address the ball then keep looking down just having the ball in my peripheral vision and swing focusing on my swing mechanics. I find this lets me swing freely and smoothly because I don't try to kill the ball. I asked my instructor about it and he said he does the same thing. I rarely hit fat or thin shots. What do you do?
Never thought about it but it does seem like Jack the cat had a premonition!!!
I don't keep track of stats but I did just receive lowest score wins. I've just started the book but its interesting to look at the value of certain shots. I hope to finish the book this week. Seems to have some great insight. Thanks for the imput. 
Three weeks ago I had thirteen rounds at 78 or lower. Fast forward to today and I haven't broken 80 in my last five rounds. I was a 4.5 but now a 6.0. Why does the game I love so much turn on me so fast!!! The only good thing about it is the member member is coming up in October so maybe I bottom out an rise up again from the ashes!!  Is it just me or does our passion sometimes turn to puke.
Shot 73 today 3bogies2birdies. Putted looking at the hole and 1putted nine times. 3 were gimmes but tied my best round of the year. Crofton country club in Maryland blue tees
We had this issue at our club. Their are a couple of groups that play fairly loud music while playing. We asked our pro about it and he looked up in the rules of golf and apparently you are not allowed to have an outside agent that may help with your tempo or swing. His opinion was that music was not allowed. Thats why you never see a pro wearing earbuds at a tournament. I'm sure one of you can locate the exact rule.
New Posts  All Forums: