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Wow, so I can post a video of my golf swing and get in analysed?
Hi guys, I am a 14 handicap golfer and have been playing for 20yrs on and off. I have a bad habit of hitting the ground before the ball as I have a fear of boning the ball. I also tend to have a very low ball flight and done seem to get my balls up in the air. I can also seem to hit my 8-7 irons as far as a 5-4 as I hit them much better and cleaner. Any advice... God I sound bad
I would change the playing out of turn rule as if you are ready to "hit" and it does not interfere with anyone else then you should be able to, as a lot of time is wasted waiting for players to hit on every hole.
What a great idea. Have to try this
If it could be "anything" I would love to win a place in Golf1million and experience that event as hopefully I would be up against golfers like me.
Cause I have tried lolTo be honest most of my problems anyway are hitting irons and also finding the time to practice.
Recently read a book called NO3PUTTS and made a lot of sense. I am a 14 handicap golfer and can only hit driver about 230- so it would be difficult for me to add distance to my game. But putting I could/can improve without and physical training or big changes. Can also practice any time I have a hour spare and only need one club to practice with. My aim in 2014 is to get from 14 down to 10 with mostly improving my putting.   I will keep you all updated on Number of...
What a great surprise. When do you tell him? Did you find it difficult to get tickets?
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