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Boogielicious will I be seeing you at the event this Sunday? I am helping get the best golfers in the NY area involved, so we can take it to Boston in the Championship!
Jersey guys can absolutely qualify. https://nextgengolf.org/new-york-city-versus-boston/
I'm playing in a City Championship Ryder Cup between New York and Boston next Sunday. I would love for some golfers from NY to join me so we can whoop Boston! https://nextgengolf.org/new-york-city-versus-boston/
I was talking to my old college coach recently and we were reliving memories of the various tournaments we played.  He brought up this one shot that I hit, which to this day I still vividly remember.   it was a 19 degree rescue club from a downhill lie that needed to hook about 30 yards to bend around the trees (dogleg left) Long story short I hit it to about 10 feet, and am confident I couldn't do it again if i had 100 more balls.   I'd love to hear some other tales...
That was the best part of my early days with golf- the constant improvement from round to round.  Once you start playing enough, you begin to get the hang of the swing, your putting improves, chipping gets tighter, and the driver starts cooperating more often. Once you get to a certain point the margin for error narrows, so people feel the hit a wall. However, that is where golf truly tests you! and it why I love the sport so much!
The fact that this is even a debate shows why golf needs to change it's image.  There has always been the perception that golf is an elitist sport, which worked for a while, but now that participation is declining the image clearly needs to change. Organizations like The First Tee are doing a great job at introducing all demographics to the sport and focusing on the next generation of golfers to come.     My biggest fear is that the price of maintaining a course...
For me, having some sort of candy bar is always my go-to snack whilst playing.  I hate being too full mid round, but definitely need some energy going into the back9!    Snickers or M & M's 
Why don't you ever play a full round?
Same goes for me, I only play 2 balls when the course is empty.  There is nothing that frustrates me more on the course then when someone plays 2 balls while the group behind them is waiting to hit. That's why etiquette is so important! 
  Commenting to bump the thread. I'll add a comment to the actual article.
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