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Thanks again for the rapid reply and the warm welcome - community seems amazing.   Budget wise I'm comfortable with the AP2 - and to me it's a sharp club. I'm really leaning towards it. Last question regarding the new iron set. Will getting fitted for the clubs make that much of a difference in my game? Currently I'm playing a set right off the shelf and wasn't fitted.   Thanks again everyone!
Thanks for the reply - no I haven't hit on a launch monitor, however I have a fairly high trajectory on my current irons, I don't see why it would differ - but I will go and get that tested.   I'm not 100% sold on them but I've hit a fair amount of others. The AP's just felt right in my hands. Always open to suggestions.
Hey Everyone,   New to the forum - so hope I'm posting in the right spot.   I'm trying to decide between the 714 AP1 or AP2. I've hit both (on the matt - no grass) and am torn. Price aside I liked the AP2, however I'm not sure if it's too advanced of a club for me or not. The AP1 face on the shorter irons just seems very thick. I struck both irons well that's why I'm very undecided. I feel with the AP2 I will have more freedom to shape shots, but the AP1 will allow me...
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