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I've got a new set of irons, and I'm not sure if I ended up getting shafts too stiff for my swing. My driver is between 100-110 depending on how hard I try to bomb it. Will you tend to fade or draw if your shafts are too stiff?
Well, after struggling to decide where to play for Open Championship day, 3 buddies and I went up to Eaglemont Golf Club, an hour north of Seattle, and a reportedly kick ass course. at 7000+ and 74.6/143 from the tips, it's definitely not an easy course. When we got there we noticed that it was pretty empty, but early on the scenery did not disappoint. The weather was perfect, almost no wind, perfectly clear skies, and about 68* at our 9:00 am tee time. The first...
What should you expect for a set of winn grips plus mounting on a set of Irons/wedges/driver?
This might sound stupid.... but why'd you drive with a 4 iron only to hit a fairway wood? :D
If you're using the front USB ports, I'd strongly recommend trying those on the back of your computer, directly connected to the mainboard. For some reason, many front USB ports tend to under-deliver voltage.
Shot 40 on a Par 33 9 hole with a 31.7/106 Front 9. Slightly better than bogey golf. And my first swings with the new R7 TP irons. Not bad at all. Nothing worse than a double.
I'm finally upgrading from my 1998 Taylor Made Burner Tour Irons to the R7 TP with Project X 6.0. New off ebay for $499 (with microsoft cashback deal). Not bad!
I should have mentioned, the loft angle is 9.5
So I swung some new technology irons for the first time yesterday, and I'm not sure what to do. I've been playing Taylor Made Burner Tour Irons (Mark O'Meara circa 1998) for the past 10 years, and they've served me pretty well. They're not a proper blade, but they are darn close to a blade, and when you hit it right, they reward you. Over the 4th weekend, I swung a friends new X-18 irons (bought on closeout) and got easily a club of extra distance. So that got me...
I have a good quality R7 425 (10-12 rounds) with the ProLaunch Blue R65 shaft, and it's just not stiff enough for me. I swing my driver between 105 and 110 and it's just too high of a ball for me, I'd prefer to get a stiffer shaft. I'd love to trade straight up with someone with the same club, but a stiffer shaft. Let me know...
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