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I think he just needed reps.
If Tiger could have just managed par on those bogey holes and that double he would be tied for the lead or leading I think.  In his past Tiger never made many bogeys.  His good shots are good but he needs to stop those bogey holes. Hell, the first bogey on #1 NEVER should have happened.  That SHOULD have been birdie and definitely at least a par. 
Well I gave this guy the $25 before I made my drives to put in the pot. I didn't think 4 guys were crooks on a golf course but then again who knows. I was thinking maybe this is a type of running pot kind of like some of the golf gambling games. If nobody wins the hole it carries over to the next hole (greenies).  I don't know, I guess I was being stupid.
I was passing through Greenville, SC about a month ago I think and was staying at this hotel and played "The Preserve" formerly called "Verdae Greens" I think.  Anyway it's more of a ball placement course for most of the holes and not really a big driver course I would say so yea it can be hard if you are not accurate off the tee at least on the front 9.     Anyway I played the front 9 and made the turn and came up on this 4some on the 10th tee.  I sat there and watched...
I guess I really need to learn this shot then.  The problem is every time I open the face and try to blast it, the bounce catches the sand and I blade the ball right into the lip or directly into the wall of the bunker.  I thought we are supposed to use the bounce but when I do it just glides across the sand and blades the ball.  And god help me if the sand is not soft and fluffy then it's IMPOSSIBLE for me altogether.
I'm no good at this game for real so this is a question... So what you are saying is that you can hit a higher shot with a sandblast that an open-faced chip shot?  Once gain, I'm not being funny, I'm truly asking.
Yes I guess that is one way to look at it.  I think maybe I just don't like Faldo.  He just rubs me the wrong way 90% of the time for some reason. Him and miller that is.
I have it recorded and I'm watching it also.  They weren't laughing in amazement because he put it on the green.  They were laughing before and after that.  Also making jokes about which way they thought the next tee shot was going. Yes they eventually stopped but I thought the jokes were in poor taste.
As you all know I'm by far a beginner but I just can't figure out the bunker shot so this past weekend I started just chipping out of the bunker same as I would on a tight lie. The taller the lip either the more lofted club I used OR the more I opened the face.  No sand blast  at all just a regular chip shot with a reasonable backswing.  No long swing, just a short controlled chip and I actually had good results. I even controlled the distance reasonably well considering...
Yea that is my opinion also.  We all know Tiger and Phil are having issues being accurate off the tee. However, discussing something and acting like a 12 year old and laughing on the air making wise-cracks is another thing altogether.  It's even more idiotic when you are the guy always talking about how golf is a "Gentleman's game".  I'm beginning to not like Faldo a whole lot.  I have been seeing a lot of negative comments regarding Tiger coming from him and the other guy...
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