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Yea, I don't know for sure. I'd heard a bunch of people discussing that theory on different occasions but you know, it's just a point of discussion. Everybody is guessing
You may be right about that but I just can't see that dude retiring anytime soon.
I will have to disagree somewhat with that first part. Also, we all know what swinging hard doesn't necessarily increase your swing speed.  I have watched Tiger closely and he is swinging harder than he should but only with his driver. Some of those swings are monstrous!!  If you don't think he IS using a controlled swing explain how a golfer of THAT caliber cannot manage to hit a fairway? Now sometimes it seems like he is also hitting down on the ball with the driver that...
That's true but let me ask a question.  What happens when you can't hit it as long as you used to? Do you just quit? Do you keep swinging out of your shoes and missing 40-50 yards left or right?  Or do you gear down and start hitting some fairways and just take a longer approach shot into the green?  I don't know the answer but slicing right or pull hooking left can't be the answer.  I know with the current long hitters if you don't get it out there you are at a severe...
When he was hurting and couldn't swing out of his shoes with his driver?  I heard somebody say that he hits everything straight but his driver and that is only because he is trying to keep pace with the young guys getting it out there 300+. I've heard several people say if he stopped swinging so damned hard all the time he could control his driver and Tiger SHOULD KNOW BETTER but his pride won't let him gear down.   Opinions?
I think Ricky shanked one or almost shanked one at the end but it wasn't really that bad.  Tiger had some tee shots that were WAAAAAAYYYY offline.Some random dude didn't carry the pond and dropped one right in the drink with a wedge (Pretty bad for a pro with a wedge) In my opinion Tiger hit plenty of bad tee shots,  However, I haven't watched the entire thing yet so I don't yet have an opinion on who hit the worst shot that was televised. 
There is absolutely nothing hard to answer about this question.  I mean, my god, I wasn't asking anybody to be perfect to the 100th decimal place because it's your college final and you need this to graduate. It wasn't meant to be a research project. It's just a discussion point on a discussion board. I was just simply asking who YOU THOUGHT would hit the worst shot at the championship. Jesus guys, really?  What if I had asked who you thought was the best basketball player...
I guess if it's not My god, is it really that serious? I mentioned above that I'm talking about shots that will be shown during the coverage. Why the %$#!% would I be talking about a shot that nobody will see? 
I have always suffered from back spasms since an injury to my lower spine at an early age. Funny thing about spasms forming in the lower back is that you can be strong with a full range of motion and then all of a sudden it catches and your back goes completely out.  You can't walk at all, can't even stand all the way up.  All I could do was lean to the side of least resistance.  It can also go away suddenly but you STILL don't quite trust it.  I was walking to get my...
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