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What do you mean by my hips being too far back?
Thanks Jets, the flat wrist portion really made a lot of sense to me. Can you suggest some drills or practice props that could help me address this while at the range? I've always felt I struggle with where my weight is when I address the ball and I end up bouncing around until I "settle" for something. Also, could I get an opinion on my posture? I've only played once this year and been to the range once also so I'm hoping this is rust that will go away with some practice. 
Thanks for greeting. I remembered in the midst of my frustration I did have my friend tape my driver and iron shots hoping to see something I could easily correct. I'm hoping a few good range sessions will straighten me out but I welcome any advice I could take with me.    Driver Swing http://www.v1sports.com/Academy/include/player.asp?v1ga=true&SwingID=1037811&accountID=850759&AcademyID=GOLF&Status=1&hasqt=0   Iron...
Kicking off the new season I started a very nasty habit of immediately flipping my hands open at takeaway. I've never had this issue before and no matter how hard or what I tried I couldn't stop myself from doing this. As a result of this I was unable to even get a simple PW in the air in addition to every iron I attempted to swing and this poured over to my driver as well. I've been scouring the web for drills and solutions but it seems every search comes back unrelated...
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