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I have to learn to cope better in the wind as we do have windy days here quite frequently, the last few weeks have been unprecedented though with extreme winds.  My course is always breezy.   I appreciate everyone's words, particularly misty_mountainhop and RayG and will be trying to put it back, hands in front a bit and choke down the shaft but I think I have worked out that hitting the ball hard is my biggest problem.   Thanks again
Thanks boogielicious, good idea - looking for an extra stiff shaft now though as I am convinced this will help (might go for another driver also if I can sell it to the boss!!)
Bubble, you have not read my original post properly where I talk about my aim, etc.  and of course a fade is a small slice just as a draw is a slight hook!!!  I have no problem playing with a fade, there are not many people who knock it past me so distance is not a problem.   Foo Fader, I think that you are right about spin, I do hit the ball probably too hard - I borrowed an extra stiff shaft today and moved the weight to the heel - although it was less windy, I got a...
Thanks guys, all good thoughts, still want to understand shaft kick points and such like as the difference in hitting stiff and regular creates a very different outcome.
LOL Drew, I have never heard that before   I have been left handed for the 30 years I have been playing golf, would you say the same to Mickleson?   I don't think so, changing is not an option.   I have a very dominant right hand, I am fine apart from the wind, I think a different shaft might help a bit, it is just the flight that fascinates (no annoys me!) as it is pure until it loses power then it is like it turns 90 degrees.   Thanks for the words though.   Steve
Scott,   I was fitted with CFS-X ping shafts last year when I brought my i20s on a Ping demo day.  I have not been fitted for a driver though, don't get the chance that often here in Spain where I live!   Regards,   Steve
Hi Scott,   My normal flight is fine although a little high but distance is not a problem however I wouldn't mind a lower flight which is why I ask about the shaft.   I have tried pulling it back a bit in the past but the cut seemed a little worse, even a block at times.   Thanks for the response,   Steve
Hi,   I am new to the forum so please go gentle with me!!   I am a 9 handicap left hander, I generally drive well with slight fade but into the wind I have real problems.  Normally, right side of the fairway has me center/left and side but into the wind, even if I aim off the right the ball slices out of control - this is demolishing my card.   Into the wind, the ball powers to my target line with no deviation but once it reaches the top of its flight (quite high)...
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