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I see what you did there and I like it.
Ditto here, I only go to Dick's to buy athletic gear for my daughter, and I do that regularly. I never knew they had PGA pros in-store. All my golf purchases are at the Superstore, Golfsmith, or Edwin Watts. I wonder if this is more a reflection of that, rather than a downturn in the industry. Similar to how many mom and pop hardware stores were run out of business by Home Depot in the 80s and 90s or how Target and Walmart did thw same to independent 5&Dimes and grocery...
Same on the other side, you can find thousands of articles supporting this, if you're truly non-biased. The whole effort has been driven by leftist politics from the start.
Don't follow the herd bud.http://blog.heartland.org/2014/03/a-history-of-the-disastrous-global-warming-hoax/The numbers of scientists that are changing their former view is growing rapidly. Jump on the new train
Lol, one might argue it's you with your head in the sand. Arctic icecis at record highs currently, polar bear proliferation also at record highs, the London college that originally proffered this idea has since been discovered to have fudged the numbers, all the warming "scientists" base their beliefs on computer models that are similarly rigged. There is no science yet today that can prove whatever is happening with the climate is due to man. The earth warms, the earth...
True dat, but big names in 2 of the 3.
ESPN not in as many homes as ABC. This is the 1st year I recall exclusive ESPN live coverage. Don't they normally go to ABC around 8am or so? Edit: disregard, should have read the article before I mouthed off.
What kind of biceps and triceps exercises does Bubba do to achieve those impressive guns?
Guess I'm in the minority. Does affect me cuz I'm a frickin head case.
George W Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Condi Rice. Probably wouldn't drink any beers during that round but it would be fun nonetheless.
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