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Didn't hear that segment but guessing he was on with The Musers, they love them some Brandle Chamblee.
Y'all are a bunch of piling on sons a bitches. ;)
No, you just can't stand Goodell. When they assessed the original penalty, they obviously thought they got it right. The resultant backlash showed them they didn't and he acted accordingly.How u get that he still thinks his original position was correct shows your bias and cynicism. I can't make that leap. It was well-handled after they made the initial blunder.Now, enforcement may be a different matter, e.g., if the new penalty is deviated from, and it may be given the...
Agree completely and further, the new rule eliminates subjectivity. He fixed his mistake.
Yowsa, haven't seen her on the LPGA yet. Hope she starts winning soon.
I just bought a $2,000 tv on my Best Buy card. Says 12 months no interest so thought as long as I pay it off in a year, I'm good. Gonna check the fine print on it now so thanks for the tip...
Yeah, I guess most of his wins are the big ones with the strongest fields, albeit, no majors, so worth more owgr points than a random Byron Nelson. I can see how 3 big wins would result in a big jump but again, really don't see that happening for him.Would be pretty amazing to reach #1 at 40 for what, the 5th time in his career?
Not sure it quite works that way. I don't think he leapt 14 owgr points in a year. He may have gotten to 14 from 10 or 11 but it takes some time. I don't think Tiger has enough time left.
She looks better on the show than in these pics. No slight intended, just my opinion.
Well, he's more points away from #1 than the total points he has which will keep dropping for the next 4 or 5 months. Would take 2 to 3 years to make up the difference unless he goes on a tear like 2000 out of the gate next year (not gonna happen).He'll be 39 next time he tees it up in competition. I think he'll win a few more times, might back door a major but very comfortable betting against ascension to #1.
New Posts  All Forums: