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His club was hovering over a hole, it wasn't close to grounding in his mind because there was no chance he'd connect with the ground during a practice stroke. Wasn't carelessness or anything else. He knew what he was doing; he was well within the rules and he knew it.
The clubhead can't be seen because it was down in a hole behind the grass from the camera angle. Perfectly plausible and that's the way Els described it after the round. There was not a furtive look around by Els after he did it. If that happened it means he knew he messed up.
Did not happen.
He did not ground his club. In his explanation, he said there was a hole of sorts, just behind the grass from our camera angle. It wasn't visible to the viewer but essentially, his club dropped below the level of the grass from our angle but didn't touch grass in reality because there wasn't any directly below his club, at least at that level. That's his story and I have no reason to question it, esp since a rules official was on the scene.
Don't think Jimmy Walker would agree, but yeah, I see your point. Not really sure how to fix it though, those guys aren't going to play the Fall Series anyway.For my own enjoyment, I kinda tune out the PGA Tour after the PGA, and the Ryder or Pres Cup, and focus on the Euro Tour. That extends well into the Fall with some very big events; hence, the names follow. It's not much of a wait between the Race to Dubai championship and the Tour of Champions.
I dunno, not a bad comparison in my mind. I believe Stenson is tough as is Furyk.Since when is a comparison to a major winner and probable HoF'er a slight? It's not a perfect match and perhaps not intuitive but upon reflection, I think they're comparable.
Wow, very interesting factoid on Morgan Hoffman by our boy BC: he's 100th on tour in swing speed yet 18th in driving distance. I've always equated distance with speed. Obviously I recognize launch angle and spin play a role but had no idea a gap like that could be possible.
Lol, I expected an onslaught when I read his post this morn. Pretty tepid response overall...
Yeah, not sure about your 1st sentence. No one here has the facts. Some may have more recent and closer insight than others but everyone here is speculating and generalizing. You don't know the mindset of every player on tour nor their work ethic.I'm certainly not saying anyone on tour is slothful, which I think some of you believe is what Norman said. I didn't interpret it that way. I agree they put in the hours to get where they are, some more than others based on...
New Posts  All Forums: