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Peyton wants #2. Gonna be tough to stop him. Would be pretty sad if they end their careers and Eli has more rings.
I don't understand the people here continuing to refer to folks who don't agree with them as afraid or panicked. I'm in Dallas, I know of no one who is afraid or panicked. The left wing media is fomenting this, it's not true. What 68% of Americans want is a measured approach that would temporarily disallow people coming in from those affected countries. There are quite a few countries, including countries on the African continent, who have already imposed this approach,...
Non-issue for me. I'm sure he was texting with Keegan throughout the weekend so he was up to speed on Watson's behavior; hence, the Azinger 2016 tweet was educated and as we all later learned, warranted.
I haven't seen anything recent. The pic above is from end of Jul, face looks same, has she had work done?
Same questions are asked about RGIII. Continues to show the divide in this country and just how ignorant we remain.
I posted almost the exact same skill set and mentioned how difficult she would be to replace when this thread opened. Lots of people disagreed and thought she was a trashy chick who only got by on her looks. Absolutely untrue. Not hearing from them much anymore.Holly is a talent who is truly missed, and it appears (at least anecdotally) the ratings are bearing that out.
Funny. We've got a local county commissioner trying to exploit it but haven't heard it used in campaign ads yet. But I haven't seen or heard many.Almost fell outta my chair after clicking into this:http://www.humoar.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/air-bolas.jpg
Agreed. Might I suggest a DVR? I've seen very, very few ads this election season, I tape everything I watch. This is Gunther and I approve this post.
I haven't seen recent ratings but I surmised this would occur. Any chance you can post a link?
Sci-fi lover here but just can't stomach that show. Remember watching early episodes and they used low-budget puppets and stuff. Seemed so low-rent and hokey, like it was made for pre-teens. Maybe the more recent seasons have better special effects but I can't bring myself to give it a new shot
New Posts  All Forums: