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Manziel starts as the backup. He'll be starting by mid-season.
It's the wussification of football, follows the general societal narrative today. Yes, it's terrible.
Yes, but those guys are bona-fide pocket passers, Manziel is not. He has a strong arm and if he can fight his instincts to dart around and learn how to be comfortable in the pocket, he has a chance. I'm not sure he can win that battle and even if he does, don't know that he'll be as dynamic. Time will tell...
Actually, I made the same claim about RG3 in his rookie training camp. Everyone here was worried about him taking the Skins to the next level. I wasn't. Great ability but relies on the run too much. And bigger than Manziel. Manziel looks so tiny out there and he's not quick enough to get away from pros. I stand by my assertion.
Another Euro who fell off the planet a couple years ago that I miss watching is Alvaro Quiros. Believe it or not, I enjoyed watching him swing mid to short irons as much or more than his driver. Seen him in bits and bites lately, hope he's getting it back as well.
For myself, I'm with David. Rather play then watch on my 60", tape-delayed so I can FF through the commercials. You miss a lot at the event. But, it's great to go (I've been to 4 or 5) at some point. I mostly enjoy watching them practice whether at the range, chipping green or putting green. Can learn a lot. Now, I did take my daughter to an LPGA event and I really enjoyed that. Star power not as prominent, girls are more approachable, almost seemed as if the ropes were...
Manziel got crushed last night, as he did last week. He won't last long.
Good group. Sure hope Colsaerts finds his game again.
I use ping but only in reference to IM. I think it's appropriate as an IM is, essentially, a "ping". Never heard anyone use it to refer to a call.
I'm hearing this (starting sentence with so) a lot more in the business world. Fine if every once in awhile but there are some I've heard over past year or 2 that begin every sentence this way. That is annoying.
New Posts  All Forums: