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Phil has been the guy I pull for above all others for the past 20 years. Jordan has supplanted him and Rory is right with Phil now.
I'd go with DJ since he hits it straighter and the fairways there are pretty narrow and most of the holes are straight, as I recall.
She'd lose to a professional male fighter at any level or any weight. She'd beat most regular dudes, however. I outweigh her by 65 lbs but I have no clue how to avoid an arm bar.
Can I put in a request to have some of those dumb drunk posts I've made deleted?
Whatever you want to call it, Tiger held a mental edge. Intimidation, confidence, knowing he wouldn't choke? Anyway you slice it, there was a mental domination Tiger had on his opponents (except Phil) and he exploited it. He does not hold it today over anyone other than those with scar tissue from those days of yore; hence, my contention he will not break Snead's record.
Third straight 82, weird.
Just mind boggling, as was his flop on 18 last night. Hope he makes this putt.
She won it but before they called it a major. So yeah, career Slam in my mind.
Frickin guy is unbelievable.
Huge improvement this season...congrats!
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