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Funny. We've got a local county commissioner trying to exploit it but haven't heard it used in campaign ads yet. But I haven't seen or heard many.Almost fell outta my chair after clicking into this:http://www.humoar.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/air-bolas.jpg
Agreed. Might I suggest a DVR? I've seen very, very few ads this election season, I tape everything I watch. This is Gunther and I approve this post.
I haven't seen recent ratings but I surmised this would occur. Any chance you can post a link?
Sci-fi lover here but just can't stomach that show. Remember watching early episodes and they used low-budget puppets and stuff. Seemed so low-rent and hokey, like it was made for pre-teens. Maybe the more recent seasons have better special effects but I can't bring myself to give it a new shot
I'm one who was not a fan early on but I've changed my tune. I think he's probably an ok dude but was a bit overwhelmed early, let his mouth run a little more than he probably wanted to and paid a price. Turned out to have helped him in the long run.Bubba is just Bubba, he's had long enough to craft his image and it hasn't changed yet. Evidently it takes more than a couple majors to impart class on some.
Not sure where those 3 non-tds occurred but definitely wasn't against Dal, I watched every snap of that game. Harvin was a non-factor.
Jeez, a succinct, cogent point, exactly on topic with no controversy. You sir, have earned the succinct, cogent, on-topic award for the day.
Yep, he must have pissed off RW or Carroll, somehow. He did stink it up last week against Dallas and hasn't had a great season but I have a hard time believing this was a performance-based decision because that dude is dangerous and could break one at any moment.
You said it.
This was curious to me. A conditional mid-round pick? Think he's worth a 3rd, at least, no? Don't see how this benefits Sea unless he was a cancer in the locker room.Edit: Didn't see the follow-on emails, as they were on the next page on my app. Guess others think this is curious 2, unless 2nd to 4th is accurate.
New Posts  All Forums: