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Thanks, wasn't aware of this.
Wow, yes, that is curious. Doesn't seem to make sense. His thought is the ample social programs that already exist in the UK aren't enough so independence would allow for Scotland to become even more socialist? Don't think that would be economically viable. This mindset continues to baffle me.
Still haven't heard a report on Holly's NFL performance. Haven't seen her yet, we've had the Fox A team 1st 2 weeks. Maybe this Sun vs the Rams.
Harder to vote for if you want to take the easy road and be dependent. Not my way.
It's not about a revolution, it's about having an opportunity to strike out on your own and control your own destiny or staying within the sheltered cocoon of a caretaker. I would always choose the former.
When a higher governmental power tells you that your autonomy will be increased, well, call me a skeptic but you know...Yes, they are free, as are we. However, they are subject to the whims of whomever is in power over them creating mandates, rules, laws, regs for which they/we are compelled to comply.I live free in my compound with my many wiv, er, friends and that's how I like it.
I think "freefall" might be a bit of an overstatement. There would have been a drop but it would have been recoverable; it always is. This could have hurt me too, short-term but I'd have paid the price happily.Not gonna change it, the independence side seems to have accepted it, which I respect. Just didn't go the way I'd have desired. Much like most stuff in my life. ;)
Hey, wait, am I being bullied? I'm tellin Obama!
Lol, if Hillary wins in '16, all bets are off.
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