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I think that would classify as a run-on.
Did not hit one solid full shot all day yet somehow scored 81, no fun but starting to question long game importance.
Haters gonna hate.
Agree, indeed, I don't even expect him to win the nomination (although I'm starting to wonder). My point was that as Trump continues to rise, the voices against get more and more shrill, and I'm enjoying that.
I am getting a kick out of the 5 or 6 of you haters reassuring yourselves with stronger and stronger language as Trump's numbers steadily increase from 20 to 30 to 40%.
Paula was a safe pick; she was just outside the points list and has a lot of experience. Inkster won't get too much flack if she flops because really, who else could she have gone with, Austin Ernst? I believe Michelle Wie definitely moves the needle for the LPGA. Obviously not to the degree Tiger or Phil do for the PGA but if Wie is contending, it's a ratings boon for them. I'll watch. Go USA!
Now THAT is the proper use of the doh icon.
60° from 85 or 90 in. From 30 or so in, choke up almost to the steel, left wrist locked, off my back foot, feet aimed left, 80% of my weight on my left side. I'm pretty good from this distance although I sometimes struggle with check and run. Seems when I want it to check, it runs out and vice versa. 35-80, variations on the full swing, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4. 85-90 full out swing, one of my favorite shots to hit actually. So high and pretty, stops close to dead or sucks back...
I find it weird that you can't let an anti-Tiger comment go without a snide response. Who cares what others think of TW or anyone else you don't know? Let it ride.
True but I doubt he'd have had those 4 birdies coming in if he was still in contention. He loosened up once he realized he was out of it, at least in my opinion.
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