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I've always thought of Tomlin as a good coach, no-nonsense. I guess cuz of the early success he had. Are you saying he took Cowher-built teams to the playoffs and SB early and now that this is "his" team, he's failing?
Curious how they do this. No scholarships for DIII, correct? So, they just happen to get superstar walk-ons every year for 20 years? Weird.
Hate to say it but I will: eeewwwww
I've only been once. It really is a blast, great way to get together with a wider spectrum of friends, have some beers with a little fun competition. I enjoyed it but haven't been back which may be indicative of it's staying power. Too expensive to go and work on your game.
Heard about this a couple weeks back, set my DVR then. Hope it doesn't disappoint.
Big game for the Cowboys tonight. Lose and they're out of the playoff picture. I got em winning in a close game. 6-0 on the road, game means more to them than Philly, 10 days rest and planning, their game plus the Seattle game film to study. They'll be ready.
Johnny dropped that avg a little with a smooth 27.3 passer rating today. He'll get better...
That would be a helluva game for him. Not sure I'm that optimistic. Heard a stat on the radio the other day: rookie QBs starting their 1st game after week 10 have an average 55 or so QBR for that game. The numbers you project would probably be 90 or better, depending on compl pctg. Hope you're right though.
I took issue with your comment that Saban knows how to prepare his troops for bowl games (with the month layoff and other challenges bowls present) and Stoops does not, that's it. I think their bowl records are an effective argument against that so I showed them.No question Saban has had more overall success.
That's Baylor/TCU. This is Stoops/Saban. TOTALLY different. ;)
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