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I don't like it because if someone aces it, it will be considered an albatross and go in the record books as such. OTOH, not sure what else could be done as evidently they intend to use the entire hole over the weekend so I guess this is the only answer. Anyone ever heard of this happening elsewhere?
Don't know who you speak with day to day but I've never known anyone who "scoffed at" carrying an epipen or learning CPR.
The point is, you cannot enforce what is not against the rules.
And you will be dead before you get your arm up.
I'm not sure how extra security helps clean up something that is not against the rules, such as the mashed potatoes or get in the hole screams after a shot, many times from morons who aren't even drunk, they just want to impress their buddies watchin on TV. Security does clean up the truly bad actors for the most part.I think it's education that is needed. Post signs around the tournament, begin a marketing campaign similar to the Tee it Forward or Play Faster bits. ...
Agreed. There is no course in the US I'd want to play more than Royal County Down. In fact, of the 5 or 10 courses on my bucket list, all are in the UK. Looking fwd to watchin this weekend.
Right, ergo our onus.
Congressional term limits solve this problem. 1 term for Sens and 2 for Reps.
I always took my kids to pro sporting events, albeit never in England. Gotta live man, can't let fear keep you in the house.
This is a tremendous show! I've got 2 eps on the DVR so haven't seen that yet.
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