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Doesn't explain the extraordinary Pats numbers relative to fumbles. Maybe other teams drop it to 12 where the Pats drop it to 10. Bottom line, they did it and got caught. Blake didn't get caught, bully for him.
Scares me a little that you didn't accompany that with an emoji of some type.
Yes, they do here too, as does Freebirds (another burrito joint).
Only thing to say here is "lol."Only thing to say here is, "yes, and OJ was innocent."
I've heard of it but never tried it. Fuzzy's Tacos is pretty good. I'm not into the Mexican food thing. Enjoy Big D!
You and others keep trying to come up with all these crazy scenarios to prove Brady was ignorant of this or that an act of cheating didn't occur. When you consider the preponderance of the evidence, along with the history of cheating prevalent in that organization, the ONLY logical conclusion that can be drawn is they frickin deflated the balls purposefully. Who knows how it happened, it did, which is the salient point here.
Actually got to 81 today, I got a sunburn on my face (no lie). Played terribly but I played.
Taco Bueno all over the DFW area, same deal. Truly fast food with beer
Sunny and 73 here in Dallas today; got a 10:50 tee time. My family in CT sending me pics. So glad I moved from there. Apologies for being the a-hole in the warm climate rubbing it in.
New Posts  All Forums: