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Pretty ballsy to take on the tips as an 8. Think I would play the 1-ups, but good on ya and I would be proud to card an 88 from the Black course and 7,500 yards. Which tees are you playing Jamo?
Not sure I agree with this. Mind strength is what separates professional athletes in all sports. Those with short memories, greater will, ability to overcome adversity, etc. I believe it's an innate ability. The world is littered with minor leaguers possessing tremendous physical skills. It's typically the mind that determines true greatness.
The problem with politics is people like you who think they need those "connections" to perform in government service so you keep voting them in. Ridiculous. These morons only care about getting reelected, that is all. It's killing us and it's what our founders feared.
lol, yeah, 13 1st's or 2nd's before 22. Tiger is second all time with 7. We've seen 2 years of amazing golf from Spieth. No need to degrade what Jordan has done to this point to justify your Rors choice.
Not from me, I actually predicted 6-10 last season. Defense totally surprised me. They picked up the equivalent of 3 1st rounders this spring in the draft as well as Hardy (who we won't see til probably game 7). The only question at the minute is the running game but with the top O line in the NFL, I think they'll overcome the Murray loss. This is probably the most anticipated Cowboys season since Parcells was here. Gonna be something...
Not as many ridiculous dives either (although some), which is refreshing.I enjoy watching the men's US world cup games more than the ladies but gimme a US ladies world cup game over any EPL or other men's game, for sure.
lol, way too early. He won't get the nod but he's shaking it up, which is good cuz the GOP has become far too stale.
I agree he should skip the Deere but I commend his loyalty.
I keep seeing this thing about how long it took him to go from dad to Butch or Butch to Hank. Just ain't so. He didn't miss cuts during those transitions and the farthest he moved from #1 was still in the top 10, not #220. I appreciate those who continue to wish for Tiger's return and use little tidbits like these to reassure themselves but at some point, you gotta get real. Tiger has never been anywhere near the state he's currently in and there is no evidence across...
Whoooaaaa, Cowboys are gonna be very, very good next season. Mavs? Not so much.
New Posts  All Forums: