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Absolutely, he's under some pressure. But, on the other hand, if it doesn't involve hitting a woman, maybe he'll go easy to balance it out a bit. We'll see...
You never cease to amuse me sir, vile and hideous - funny shit.I too wish DJ well...
Josh Brent making a visit to Goodell soon, this weekend, I think. He actually killed someone. We're expecting a full season for him, especially now, with all the heat he's taking over the Rice suspension. Wouldn't want to be seeing him about now.
I only watch the occasional weekend morning and as that was Holly's watch, never saw much of Lauren, except to fill in from time to time. Haven't seen her in awhile so no idea what she's up to.As they seem to be purging their hot chicks, hope she wasn't part of the cut.
Occam's Razor strikes again.
I think that 1st weekend without Holly was brutal and they realized it. Funny, but that show needs a woman's touch, I never realized it til Holly was gone.So I don't think they're trying to send her a message as much as they're trying to capture the aura or personality the show had with her as part of it. She was a talented chick.I like Paige too but I wouldn't mind a bit more hotness on the set, as wrong as that may sound. Haven't seen the 2 Brits, look fwd to cking them...
I heard Jack was king of the stymie on the green. Oh, wait, that was Byron Nelson.
Phil better golfer, Arnie greater legacy, i.e., more important to the game.
You know, I never heard that. I know Parcells never wanted him. Don't think TO did much after he left here so whomever was responsible for it, good on em, timing was just right
True, my point is, they all do. And the footage we saw of Rice was hotel security. Someone got paid for that too. So, if it's available, it's going to be made public. Race has absolutely nothing to do with it.
New Posts  All Forums: