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I'd love to see a #1 v #2 pairing on Sunday. Like em both, but guess I'd pull for the local boy.
Well, they run a business so they must be part of the 1% and as such, are guilty. (That was sarcasm if it's not recognized.)
I get it, and I recognize that 5' and in would improve the numbers. I probably have a lot more 4 and 5 footers than I do tap-ins so I'd still guess from 5' and in I'm around 80%. 95% from that range is phenomenal in my mind and since it's 188 on tour, that classifies it as such.
I scored it 115-113, Mayweather. I gave Manny 1 more round than 2 of the judges who scored it 116-112. The guy who had it 118-110 was completely wrong. In terms of showing scores, I think they do that in the Olympics and I like it.
If you're making 95% of your putts from 5 feet, dude, you are a phenomenal putter. I make 95% from 2 feet but probably 65 or 70 from 5 feet, and I think I'm a pretty good putter.Sounds to me like you just have a speed problem from longer range but with a hcap like that and a 5-foot percentage so high, I think you're underestimating your putting skill.
Prescient. Boring fight, Manny wasn't busy enough. Disappointing all around
It could if anyone else were left. A Fleetwood-Senden final is not scintillating golf. Good, he just won.
Rory goin home too. Damn, no need to watch the weekend. Pardon my bitterness, -16 and slammin a trunk. Love match play but damn, that's rough.
Exactly how I was going to respond, now I don't have to.
If they took the attitude that they weren't going to arrest curfew-breakers, what's the point of imposing it? I don't get the logic. The curfew helped stop the madness. If you were on the streets after curfew, it was a slam dunk, you're going downtown. Actually making those arrests showed others they were serious and it spurred them to clear the streets. As I said, lesson learned at no real cost to the bone heads who tried to test the cops.
New Posts  All Forums: