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You do have to fight through a few potential jump the shark moments early in season 4, but overall the plot line is great and the intensity over the last 3 eps has been tremendous.
Homeland is intense. Wasn't sure what direction they'd go after last season's ending but they've succeeded.
I love the ladies too but there's really nothing awe-inspiring at an LPGA event. They're great, don't get me wrong but it's not even close to a PGA tournament. So, don't kick yourself too hard...
Sure, makes sense. Never really thought of it from that angle. My real point was, I've seen a lot more bad-ass smaller dudes than big dudes in my day, so be careful who you tangle with.
Kale sux (I juice it) but I'd like to manhandle or massage with olive oil the lovely lady on that youtube pic (didn't click play).
To my 2nd paragraph: if it were the norm, anyone could play with noise. It is not for most of us but happy for you that you've overcome it.
Yes, of course. Usually pretty good with English but blew that one. Mind wasn't clicking yesterday, evidently.The important point is, Eli sux.
A bit off-topic but I hate the argument between other sports playing with noise but golfers with rabbit ears over a camera click. I played baseball and have no problem with crowd noise, players have been used to this since little league, it's part of the game. I also play golf but do get thrown off by a break in the silence during my backswing, or even before I start the swing. Can't tell you how many times I wish I'd have had the smarts to step away before my shot because...
Yes, this annoys me but I can't pinpoint exactly why. I think it's because of Notah's commentating roles and for some reason, it feels like a conflict of interest that he is so invested in one player. Everyone knows it including his co-workers so there is something almost disingenuous about his participation in the broadcast.I dunno, probably my own quirk but for some reason it rubs me the wrong way.
Lots of more important catches than Beckham's but for sheer stupendousness (not a word, I know), Beckham's rises to the top in my mind.Interesting who the benefactor of both of those was, right?Grammatical Edit: those receivers would be the benefactors, the QB would be the recipient of those tremendous gifts.
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