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Thanks for the clarification. I thought it was something like that, but wanted to make sure.
Is it always linear? Does higher launch create the lower spin? or can you have a high launch, high spin scenario and not have the ball go as far?
I think it should be pretty cool for the most part. I think mine would be "Simple Man" Lynard Skynyrd.
I heard on the radio this morning that they are doing entrance or 'walk up" music that the player gets to pick once they are selected. Do you all like this idea?   I'm afraid we are going to be hearing a bunch of "i'm the man" by aloe blacc.
I think it is good you get an opportunity to play and establish your progress. My end goal isn't to have the picture perfect swing(all though that would be nice) I want to improve my total game so I can play golf better, i.e. lower scores.   I think you have a good plan and are on a good track. I haven't updated my swing thread in a while due to some family obligations. Doesn't mean I'm not working on improving. If I had a week off I would try to play almost everyday...
I may be wrong, but didn't the US Amateur  and British Amateur also used to be considered majors? I don't believe most people consider these to be major's any more. The definition of a major has changed over time and I believe was created by the media.  I don't really care either way, but The Players is one of the best fields in golf and if it had the longer tradition of some of the existing majors it might be consider one already.
I've been to the Phoenix Open a few times. The best days to go if you want to interact is a practice day or wednesday when the have the pro am. It is pretty cool to see the celebrates hack it around. The pros are also more approachable if you want to try and get an autograph or two. Other then that @Golfingdad  summed it up pretty week.    Have fun!
I'm excited for this week, I hope we get a bunch of good players in the hunt on Sunday. The last few weeks it seems like only 2 or 3 have really been in it. I would like to see 6 or 7 have a shot at the win, with some of the big names in the mix with some less knowns also.
I think it depends on the age of the person answering the question or where they are from. I remember Greg Norman growing up(younger) and then Tiger. John Daly messed up a whole generation of swings. I never saw Jack, Palmer or Trevino play except on the champions tour/masters. I know they made a big impact.   I guess each generation paves the way for the next. But for the popularity of today I would have to say Tiger. 
Yep, that was the window I was looking at also. Cool that it somewhat worked out!
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