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I bought 2 dozen top-flite gamers last year for 20-25 for two dozen. I really like them a lot for the price, I also snagged a dozen top-flite xl 7000s for $5, i can definatly tell theh 7000s are harder
these were the ones I found in the store, look more expensive to order from the site   http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=18100226&cp=4406646.4413989.12480527
I found some nike lunar saddle shoes on clearance for $38 and change at dicks. Good deal or not?
I have twin 7 year old girls that have been enjoying hitting some plastic balls with a plastic club in the yard. They do pretty well so I'm thinking of moving them up to a real set of clubs. but I want to get them pink balls (hey they are seven and will get a bigger kick out of a cheap pink ball than a white pro v). so shopping around i found pink nitro golf balls and pink top flite d2s the nitros are less than $7 a box and the top flites around $13-14. at this stage will...
according to that then I'm 11-14. I guess I like that chart
The big difference is when a Pro shanks one into the trees or in trouble their next shot usually puts them in position to save par or at the very least bogey, where's my next shot will usually bounce off another tree or into the pond ect. making it hard to salvage a double or triple.
and 88 42 front 9 46 back, was hitting the ball well but still missed some shots and the phone was going nuts by the last 3 holes distracting me. If i could get out more i'd play better but I'm lucky for the few rounds i do get in.   but most important I had fun
I do agree that thee is a difference between being patient with a newbie and people not showing good manors on the course. but sometimes ready golf has to be taught, I was lucky that my dad took me out when i was young and had the patience to teach me. there's lots of little things that speed up a round that someone new would never think of even though its considered common sense to some that have been playing a while.
People complain about the decline of golf then complain about new players holding them up. which way do you want it. only the good experienced players on the course and a continued decline, or showing some patience with the newbies so they stick with it?
I'm thinking about picking up this set to keep at my in laws cabin.   http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=29756326&ab=TopNav_Golf_MensGolfClubs_CompleteSets&jsessionid=h0QpTMFXzcpjJv5KtgtgXx5Lk2LKb09RkMFPd4Ch9tFnJrxqGkZY%21538145469&cp=4413989.4414118    I don't like taking my good set because: 1. no room in the car to haul them back and forth after loading all the bags, and 2. when I do find room the clubs get jammed in and don't want to risk...
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