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What was that Kostis just said?  Something about Rory doesn't curve it on the way up?  The ball starts its spin as soon as the clubhead makes contact.  It is totally out of Rory's control after that.  
We golfers are such creatures of habit.  As I watched the replay of the tee shot and his obvious pain as he was slowly starting to walk toward the fairway, here's a guy who is nearly (or maybe is) a billionaire, reaching down to pick up his tee!  Not once did it seem to even cross his mind that it was going to hurt or this tee is worth just a few cents and I don't need it any more today, he just reflexively reaches down and picks it up.  Amazing.
To each his own.  Coke....Pepsi.   Chevy....Ford.   McCord...Fingernails on Blackboard. Another thing some announcers can't seem to grasp is that the contours of greens don't rely on the vicinity of certain lakes, mountains or other natural objects.  Sometimes a player will miss a putt and an announcer will be absolutely amazed that the ball didn't break toward (insert name of lake or mountain here).  Like the ball just defies physics and doesn't break the way it was...
I couldn't agree more.  You'd think they had some kind of bet going as to who could predict which way the putts broke, and the guy wasn't even that close to the green.  You could tell the guy was getting a bit irritated at McCord's constantly pressing him for how many darn inches the stupid putt was going to break.  Gary, we don't care!  Please stop!
Great...that was exactly the point I was trying to make.  I will never understand the appeal of Robin Williams' enduring fame.  That fake Russian accent with every other phrase and the wild gesticulations for no reason at all.  I saw an interview with Lucille Ball once and she said that she wasn't funny in real life, but she could play funny.  I don't watch golf to be humored by the announcers.  As I said, every once in a while, if the situation warrants, it's OK.  McCord...
I don't recall that particular remark, but I am getting seriously tired of McCord's "schtick".  All this crap about calling the shots, will he make it or not,  or I've got a good feeling about this one is getting old.  I don't give a rat's patootie as to whether or not he guesses correctly or not.  He acts as if everything he says is a routine for "Last Comic Standing" or something.  I don't mind a few light-hearted comments now and again, but he tries to make every...
He's OK, but gets on my nerves sometimes.  I think the problem I have with him is that he tries too hard sometimes to make EVERY comment funny.  I have no problem with a few humorous comments now and then.  It's just that by seemingly making every comment a comedy jewel, he misses more often than he hits.  Not every comment needs to make us chuckle.
During this morning's telecast on The Golf Channel, there was a discussion about Rickie Fowler's putting.  Notah Begay was saying that when Rickie aligned his ball with his intended line, he would then second-guess himself once he got over the putt and would sometimes miss some of the short ones.  Brandel prefaced his remarks by saying that he thought that the alignment marks should be illegal.  What?  He mentioned (if I recall correctly), players marking a ball with a...
Thanks.  I did hear someone mention a local rule, so it must have been an unusual situation that was anticipated and addressed.  
 That is close, but I didn't hear them mention anything about ground under repair.  Was it explained fully during the telecast?  There was a rules official right there, so I'm trusting that the ruling was correct.  In any event, good deal for DJ.
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