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He's OK, but gets on my nerves sometimes.  I think the problem I have with him is that he tries too hard sometimes to make EVERY comment funny.  I have no problem with a few humorous comments now and then.  It's just that by seemingly making every comment a comedy jewel, he misses more often than he hits.  Not every comment needs to make us chuckle.
During this morning's telecast on The Golf Channel, there was a discussion about Rickie Fowler's putting.  Notah Begay was saying that when Rickie aligned his ball with his intended line, he would then second-guess himself once he got over the putt and would sometimes miss some of the short ones.  Brandel prefaced his remarks by saying that he thought that the alignment marks should be illegal.  What?  He mentioned (if I recall correctly), players marking a ball with a...
Thanks.  I did hear someone mention a local rule, so it must have been an unusual situation that was anticipated and addressed.  
 That is close, but I didn't hear them mention anything about ground under repair.  Was it explained fully during the telecast?  There was a rules official right there, so I'm trusting that the ruling was correct.  In any event, good deal for DJ.
Regarding the drop Dustin Johnson made, even if they declared it as part of the path, aren't you supposed to take relief from the NEAREST point of relief?  That would have put him to the left of the path, not all the way to the right where he eventually dropped.   Sometimes your ball is on the cart path, and if your nearest point is closer to the bushes, you don't get to take the ball and drop it on the other side away from the bushes.  
New Posts  All Forums: