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Rory McIlroy (-8) Dustin Johnson (-12) Bubba Watson (-14)   If I Win I'll choose the Red DTX to start my 2015 golf season with a PURE advantage!
There is a decent little 18-hole par-3 course called Assateague Greens that might be good for you and your buddies. There are also a variety of regulation courses for you to check out. Rates will depend on when you plan on playing (morning vs. afternoon, weekend vs. weekday, etc...)   Check out most of the public courses here: http://ococean.com/golf   I haven't played them all (not even close), but I really like Rum Pointe!
Shot a solid 105, and I wasn't too disappointed with it either. No lost balls/penalties, plenty of 3-putts, and one hell of a good time!!
OK, let me start off by saying I was never 100% serious when I would claim the following (but somewhere deep in my mind I thought it might have an ounce of truth to it):   The only reason I am a 12 handicapper and not a professional golfer is because the courses I play on are crap compared to the PGA courses, and they have a gallery and caddie to find every ball, help read, every putt, etc...   Well, this past Monday I was fortunate enough to play Congressional Country...
My temper has improved significantly over the course of the last 5 years. I was never a yeller (OK, maybe I was), but I was a club-thrower, a complainer, an excuse-maker, etc... Some things have changed in my life off the course, and with some medication I have been on for a while, my entire attitude has shifted.   I'm still as passionate as I ever have been, but I am am much more cognizant of different aspects of golf (and life).   My wife is in management and her...
Aah, that explains it. Actually though, it was a shotgun, and we were the first ones out on 12. However, if you were in 17 fairway, I might have hit you with my massive slice I hit off the tee. I left that part out of the story purposely!
OK, I admit, I didn't hit both shots, so the obvious answer is no. But hear me out ...   Backstory: Playing in a scramble, we were put on Hole No. 12 at Pleasant Valley Golf Club in Stewartstown, PA. I was playing with my three brothers, and one of them hit the best drive of the group. It was a nice little draw around the dogleg that left us about 185 yards in. I was third to hit, and knocked a nice iron towards the green, which is a somewhat blind shot. Much to our...
 I held onto my first eagle ball, for approximately 4 minutes ... before slicing it OB into the woods. On No. 10 at Greystone Golf Course, a little north of Baltimore, a pulled a drive that actually ended up in the 18th fairway, about 220 with a clear shot at the green. Hit a 3-wood that was hit well, but a little left, before kicking right off a mound and rolling to about 4 feet. I had been playing around 6-8 years at that point, and was never so nervous over a putt....
Case in point ... http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/10682317/josh-gordon-pretty-sure-cleveland-browns-draft-quarterback   How in the hell is this a story on the front page of espn.com???
Thanks for the feedback. The original cost in pro shops was $4.99 (of course pro shops get from us way less than that). But I'm just surprised that the concept has been such a miss thus far with actual golfers (going off of feedback here, and lack of re-orders from pro shops). My unofficial surveying has approximately 60% of vehicles having some sort of decal on the car. Is it possible just that the golfing demographic isn't the same as the car-decal demographic?
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