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Thanks you sososososososososos much Pretzel!
Guys thanks for all the input! I will hopefully be able to get a job! honestly guys much appreciated.
Hello I am 15 years old and I thought to myself why not do something I love for a little bit of money? What I want to know is do you think I could get a job at a golf course? What would any of the jobs entail? E.g. Pro shop, green staff, waiter, anything... And I was considering working for a few hours and then playing golf afterwards? If I did this most days afterwards would I become a decent golfer? I am looking for consistency at the moment and am off a handicap. Of...
Thanks for all the replies but I think now I should just play the game and not look like an idiot! Thanks guys
Honestly I respect the game! I have better ettiquete than the majority of the other juniors but I just want a few tips as golf is mostly mental game! I wouldn't be trash talking just dropping little bombs through the round! Nothing malicious!
Yes but what is the harm? And it can come in use when for example they are one ahead with one left! I do concentrate on my own game but why not?
Any stories on how long it took people to get down to below ten? How long? How much practice? What practice? Top tips?
How can you get into a players head?
There is this guy at my golf club who is a friend but he is so annoying with no etiquette! He won't repair pitch marks on the green he will just stand on them, he thinks he is so long and waits for ages before hitting "just in case" when he will never reach, he hands out a tip "like practice 1ft putts and them he will go and miss two in a row! I have also caught him cheating a while back! Any advice on how to deal with this? I want to remain friends and not get him into...
From about 100 yes I use my pitching wedge initial about 60 yds when I choke down on my sand wedge and play a pitch shot! They come off most times and are low risk unlike the lob wedge which is quick easy to shank"
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