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Had a lesson with ricky! loads to work on, hit the first few really sweet, trying to get used to moving my hips properally
Hey guys,  tried a couple of things Friday tried opening up my feet to allow for more rotation trying to get more hip and shoulder rotation bringing the club back without breaking my wrists! Is this an improvement? Took a couple of swings to get used to found myself mishitting it a bit which resulted in my cut to the left but overall hit it quite straight actually played to 11 which i was stoked about. anyway here is the driver from side on and driver from behind < This...
Core strength exercises is all you need, Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, also work on flexibility and stretching.   These exercises cover your body's entire foundation and you will do nothing but better your overall strength and agility. Strong legs & core = power
Leg/Back day today thank god its done for another week     Squats - 10 warmup @ 100kg 5 x 120kg 5 x 160kg 5 x 120kg 10 x 80kg     then proceed to die.   Deadlifts - 10 warmup @ 120kg 5 x 180kg 5 x 200kg 5 x 120kg 5 x 100kg   Calf Raises - 20 x 150kg 20 x 150kg 5 x 250kg 25 x 100kg Machine work (not sure of weight as its on a pulley mechanism) Leg curls - 10 5 10 20         Lat pulldowns - 20 20 10 30   Chin ups - 20 20 10 10   Hamstring Curl -...
Wow just had a go at that drill pave, I can see how this will promote me to not break my wrists so early and learn to bring the club back properally, I do play cricket and I feel a lot of my batting comes out as I'm hitting golf balls, so many bad habits to kick
i will defiantly work on creating a better rotation with my hips and shoulders, having a look at that turn those hips for depth video now, cant wait to have a hit friday and try this out, Pave, will try that exercise now, is this to exaggerate the hip and shoulder turn to get used to the feel of it?
Hey Pave, yeah that is at bateau range, i am currently a member at Shelly beach and started off 8-9 months ago with a handicap of 29 and have brought it down to 16 but defiantly want to keep improving, actually won my first competition at wyong golf club loved the course,  I am going to try the butt to wall drill to work on spine angle, i do feel like my take away is all in my wrists, do you think i need to learn to just bring the club back and break the wrists a lot...
So do you believe i should bring my club behind my shoulders more as I'm lifting it too high towards my head in my back swing? when i have tried flattening out the swing plane it seems to make me hook absolutely everything? surely im doing something wrong there haha, Also i shall have a look into the butt to wall drill you have recommended as well as opening my feet up to allow for more rotation
haha thats okay, that link helped a fair bit ill defiantly try a few things this Friday, wow leaving California for Australia, i wouldnt mind living there. will post up more vids of my round friday waiting for a pro to assess
Thanks for the reply! Yeh my current bad shot is actually a pull to the right or a straight shot that is practically a cut, never really a slice( i feel like this is because I pull the club too far around my back rather then towards my head?), I'm from the central coast Nsw Australia, I just generally play golf to practice, but when I do go to the range it's to work on clean contact with my longer irons, As this is where I normally pull with a big hook, I have just been...
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