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Ok, things are finally up.  Enjoy!
I'm hoping to try to install it tomorrow after golf... did you accept my invite request, I don't think you did.  The other libraries are up.    I'm also rendering the 2008 US Open highlight package from a DVD I bought... that'll be up there too.
No problem.   I'm off next week, and will be doing a lot of golfing, but I hope to install the new SSD early next week (and hopefully all goes well), and then I'll add my Sports library to Plex.
Invite resent!   I remember that Open like it was yesterday.  It was my first year of golfing (which I shot an 85 once).  Me and my buddy came back from golfing at Rockway, a local favourite course, and then threw 5 chicken breasts on the grill and went to town on some great chicken fajitas!    Seems like yesterday, that's for sure. 
Yes, that should work.   I should have that round already digitized... but I'm not sharing my Sports library right now, as the Plex MetaData directory is taking up a ton of space on my local C: drive (and I've tried moving it over to another drive, but things didn't work out so greatly).    I have ordered another SSD though as my main C: drive, and hope to have it installed very shortly and afterwards I will be sharing everything again, including golf clips, as well as...
I have this uploaded to YouTube:     I think I only have the second round recorded in its entirety, but I'd have to check to make sure.   Are you on Plex?
Yeah, the new CBS theme isn't up to par as the Yanni theme, that's for sure.
What a circus this course is. 
Crank it up!  
I knew about the 19 second-place finishes, but 56 top 5... wow, another 19 placing 3rd, 4th or 5th. 
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