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Starting to shoot regularly in the high 70's now, which I like.  No doubles (or worse) yesterday either, which I really, really like.
Well, I shot 76 on my last 18 holes today.  I played 27, all 3 different 9's, and shot 41-40-36... does that count as getting close to breaking 75?  I think it should.  My one buddy made the point that you need to warm up and the pros get to do so at the range, while most of us don't before playing.  But the last 9 was nice... 3 birdies, including a little chip in on the 27th hole!
The strange thing is, when CBS came on the air at 3 pm EDT, they said the final round is scheduled to finish on track.  How could that be?  Maybe because they went off on 3's, and there still was a weather delay, but they got the entire broadcast in as scheduled (and they did say it was "previously recorded" throughout the telecast).  I think I also saw CBS graphics on the Golf Channel at 1 pm EDT, so maybe this was planned well in advance in terms of the broadcast coverage.
I went to the US Open a few years ago, and had no issues with leaving my phone back at the hotel.  I could definitely go many hours without having to text (call) someone.  I only wish I had access to a camera though!  Oh well, the footage will live in my head forever.
But it is on TV:   G19c 97 deg w 4160 V 29860 Dolby E   Glorious uncompressed backhaul feed - it's like being right on the course!
Ahead 1, with a couple left to play.
Yeah, obviously he's been on a whirlwind tour since his Green Jacket win.  We'll see how it goes the rest of the way.
I think Speith is washed up... he's at +2... time for him to retire!
I was because facetious... he definitely is humble and has clear goals in that interview.  Some people on here state that he's never been humble.  Ever.
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