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Dental humor:   http://postimg.org/image/xh4p8j5pf/
Eldrick bomb on the 17th!  341 yards.   I looked up at the monitor, and just saw the entire swing in time, and right away I knew it was a great, fluid, monster swing, and the results didn't lie.
A lot of boos from the booze birds at 16.
Some good footage being sent out:   G3c 95 deg w  3934 H 6897 >TOC GC 3915 H 20769 >stage cam,iso cam,tape path   PGA Tour.com AMC 15 11726 H 7200   Crystal clear uncompressed video, straight via the uplink!
The best is still the skeleton mask.  I mean, doesn't that make one stand-out more than anyone else on the slopes?  If Eldrick truly wanted to blend in, he could have covered up with a normal neck warmer / ski mask... it just adds to the fishiness that he didn't.
Break 75.
I shot a 68 in my mind.   It's winter... please stop talking golf!
I like watching the scenery from Hawaii, but I don't fully believe the season's begun yet, especially since football is on.   This tournament sways me big time into thinking the season is beginning (and I know now... the wrap-around season means we're already 4 months in).  But here, the crowds are always huge, Mickleson and other big names seem to be staples, and this year, we've got Eldrick on CBS... it's going to be great. 
Because the Patriots were sucking the air out of their balls, the negative pressure caused Tiger's tooth to fall out halfway across the globe due to the trajectory of the negative air pressure.  Not only that, but the positive air pressure across the other side of the globe in Hawaii caused air molecules to punch out Allenby's face.   Case closed for both trials. 
Yeah, it depends on who is doing the Super Bowl each year between CBS and NBC (and maybe now FOX too!)     But it looks like it is CBS this year for main weekend coverage... I checked WCBS' (CBS NYC) schedule online, and they are showing it... so it's safe to assume all affiliates of CBS are.
New Posts  All Forums: