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Eldrick needs to eagle 18.
I bought a membership this year for a company that has 24 total courses, including 7 in my area, and was hoping to hit 100 rounds.  But this season got off to a late start - about mid-April, and it'll probably finish at the end of October, so I don't think I'll quite make it.  I do play other sports as well, including basketball, so that takes up time as well.     But maybe if the season goes to late November, I might make it.  I do plan on golfing a lot in a 2-week...
It's a bloodbath for Eldrick right now.   Some guys might be watching on C-Band wildfeeds... I know they post the co-ordinates on certain websites.  Galaxy 3C seems to be sending this feed out via C-Band, and there were some Tiger Woods' press conferences earlier on Ku-Band.
I watch a lot of golf, but when the big names are at the top of the leaderboard, it does make things more exciting. And there's certainly no bigger name than Eldrick "Tiger" Tont Woods in golf, and even in sports.
There's probably a backhaul wildfeed on C-Band or Ku-Band of this tournament somewhere.  There almost always is before main network coverage starts on the Golf Channel / NBC / CBS (NBC this weekend).     Of course, you need to have a satellite dish up and a receiver capable of DVB-S2 (in most cases) to get these feeds... but they are cool to watch, as there are no commercials and you also see / hear behind-the-scenes production stuff.
Reed clearly stated he was wearing red and black as paying homage to Eldrick.  This occurs in other sports, including LeBron wearing #23 (as well as many other players) as a tribute to MJ.
It's warm here in Southern Ontario today... even made it out to the golf store.  But it looks like more snow is coming... I'm afraid we won't be able to start golfing until the start of May!
I don't think he's that arrogant, just very confident, which is good to have for sure.  It'll be interesting to see how he does in his first major.
You should get a Slingbox.  With a Slingbox, you can watch any channel anywhere in the world from your cable or satellite box.  You can also change channels remotely.  The Slingbox comes in HD versions.  What I have setup is the HDMI from my cable box going to the TV, and then component cables going from the cable box to the Slingbox, so I can watch HD on both the TV and my tablet / phone.  Again, it will work anywhere in the world where there's Internet access.  I've...
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