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Sure, and Boo Weekley "Thomas" which is what I've done as well when talking to friends.  Sure, I have to explain to them who I'm talking about at times, but it's all good. Do all you call Fred Couples "Boom Boom" or Sergio Garcia "El Nino"... probably not, because these nicknames aren't as standardized.
Like I stated before, I feel like more of a fan knowing his real name, whereby a majority of people don't.  I can call him Tiger too.   I don't get mad when people call me by my real name, instead of a nickname which is what I used for most of my life.  The statement I've heard for me personally is that people grow out of nicknames too when they get older, so maybe that should apply to Tiger as well?  I know people refused to call Larry Jones "Chipper" as he got older.
How does saying "Eldrick looked great in red and black" demeaning to him and his real name?  Yeah, I said Fatrick afterwards in the same paragraph (and then said I probably shouldn't have), but I'm not a fan of Patrick Reed.     Ask anyone I talk to about golf, and I always use the name Eldrick, and they know I don't say it to demean him.  You people on here don't know me and are just rushing to judgements, based on how Eldrick has been used on this board.  Newsflash:...
Eldrick is his real name, so I don't think there's anything wrong with that.  I could've done without the Fatrick part, yeah, but he is overweight.  A lot of people used to call Phil "Hefty" instead of "Lefty" for a while when he got a little too plump, and I didn't hear anyone complaining about that too much.  
I think Eldrick looked great in red and black... just like MJ wearing his road uni.  That's his trademark.  I know Fatrick Reed started wearing to honor him, but only Eldrick should be wearing that outfit really (trademark it somehow for Sundays???)   He played 71 great holes basically (no doubles all tournament)... just try to forget #11 and give it another whirl at the Frys.com Open.
Well, let's just say everything else would've remained the same.    I think it would've went to the 7th playoff hole, and then DL3 would've just been a little too tired to continue because he ran out of snack bars, and then he would've withdrawn. 
That would have been 4 less strokes (birdie vs. a triple bogey), and that wouldv'e put him at -17.
So if Eldrick would have chipped in on #11, would he have beaten DLIII in a playoff?
Back-to-back birdies for Eldrick!    Maybe golf should adopt a rule whereby you can drop your worst hole?  I know it'd help me at times. 
Disappointing 76... I've had four 76's now very recently, and I'm trying to break 75.  Just a few too many bogeys down the stretch.  I did go 7 straight holes without a bogey, which was nice. 
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