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I appreciate the truth in this statement! Looking forward to my next round, trying not to get ahead of myself but I can't help being confident.
Cheers guys! My handicap is still 28. Do I need to string a few consecutive scores below 100 before it drops a bit?
I'm not sure this justifies it's own post, if not I'm very sorry! I just shot a 98!!! 53 on the front 9, wasn't expecting much. Pretty standard start to my game (previous best 102). Then I shot a 45 on the back 9! I can't tell you all how pleased I actually am, I genuinely feel like I've accomplished something. I started playing last July (10 months ago). December 26th I bought some Callaway X Hot Irons (Boxing Day sale!). I've had 5 lessons between January & April. This...
I fully expected him to be #1 after The Players. Congrats to him when it does happen, but I'm sure he himself would admit he'd like to reach #1 whilst competing with Tiger, not just because he's injured.
I'll always try and copy the pro's, they seem to know what they're doing & I'm always looking on ways to improve my game, especially my poor putting. I could do with Spieth's control & composure, nevermind his technique.
Entertaining final round. He didn't half make that hard for himself! Pleased for him.
I thought he'd thrown it away, that putt alone justifies his position on the leaderboard. I honesty thought he'd crumble completely after his double bogey 6.
Brilliant putt for par!!!!
I'm changing my putting grip as soon as I get onto a practice putting green! He alone this week has convinced me it's the way forward.
Very fortune with his 17th tee shot there! Plenty of work to do for his par. I can see a playoff happening tomorrow.
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