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This one, really good value for the money. Never had any problems and the battery is insane!   http://www.pargate.com/   waterproof and everything! Like this better than the Bushnells altought I have not tried the newest ones from them..   I have the 2000 tpx
Nike VR Pro blade and Wilson FG 62 are nice blades...
Odyssey Protype black with superstroke slim grip! AMAZING PUTTER!!!
  I dont know, maybe they used them in the old days. They hand-water every green and green area, flowers, trees and shrubs to conserve water. Thats their enviroment policy :)
  It would not hurt covering these heads up! I have seen that several times on tour. It's pretty stupid. Becuase it aint a part of the course...On Augusta they does not even use them!
  LOL! It's sick that they do not cover the ''water-locks'' with false gras mats or something, in a tournament like master! Or in PGA tour at that matter.......Stupid
And the Rocketballz 3 wood is the best I have ever used.. Since im a clubjunkie I try new clubs and shafts all the time, but im not gonna get rid of my RB tour 3 wood, that and the black R1 driver :)
Yeah, I tought so to, that the timing was bad.. But "sold out", hehe...
I already have the pro blades and im not going to buy new. Was just looking if people would happen to know anything about some new blades from Nike :) Btw, rather Nike and Titleist than Mizuno, I think the mp4 is not as sweet as everybody wants it to be ;)
I think the R1 is an amazing driver. My driver swing is pretty good and I did not get better numbers from the newer TM drivers. I have no plan for changing it soon, this and the vr pro blades are the clubs I have used for longest time ever, and im quite a equipment junkie. Used booth since they got released :) Just to get a feeling, I last year had 5 different putters :)
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