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I think if you have a driver in your bag that you hit 315 yards in the fairway, then work on fixing something else.
 Which he could apparently do from 330 yards away.
 313.1 http://www.pgatour.com/stats.html
Posts questioning the legitimacy of your 330 yard drives in 3,2,1.....
My issue with this is that you need to spend so much time after the round correcting the data. For instance, you need to remember the times you used your putter but weren't on the green, the bunker shots, penalties, etc. The concept sounds great, and if they figured out a way to limit the post-round data correction I'd be in.
You have to play him, don't you? And there should money on it. If he really thinks he's as good as he has advertised that he is, he has to take the bet. And at an 11 handicap, you'll probably take him apart out there.
What does the poll have to do with the thread topic?????
I enjoy golf for what it is. I always say that it's the hardest thing I do voluntarily. Good scores are great, and I tend not to get too frustrated on the course. I just thoroughly enjoy being out there playing.   Going from a 2 handicap to shanks for a year, would be rough, though.
 That doesn't explain the lack of a penalty, however.
I am at the point where I generally am high 80's, with the occasion round of 92-93. Had you told me two years ago that's where I'd be, I would have been happy. But at the moment, all I can think about are the missed opportunities out there that could have gotten me under an 80. Doesn't matter what I shoot, there will always be missed opportunities for a lower score. That's the beauty, and the curse, of golf.
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