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Is this a serious question?
I have an Odyssey with a SuperStroke 3.0 and love it. I noticed the biggest improvement in my lag putts, which seems to be the area in which you are struggling. 
Both of mine (my primary Clicgear and my backup Callaway) have adjustment screws to correct for poor alignment. 
Is that really a par 4 with a tee-to-green distance of 171 yards? Why would anyone not go at the green? Even if you miss the green, you are still chipping for your second shot into a par 4.
 You forgot one important stat: Manning: 11-12Brady: 18-8 I get that win/loss is a team stat, but Brady's teams were never full of HOF'ers. Manning always had way more weapons than Tom did.
 Peyton owns the regular season records, and Brady owns the post season records. I'd say either way, it's been a pleasure watching both of them play, and it's a shame that they will be done soon. It would be nice to see a couple more playoff matches between them. 
You may not want to talk about post season play, but it certainly counts for something. I understand the SB ring argument, but he has historically not played well in the playoffs, and that is not a team thing, it's a Peyton thing.    I'm a little biased, but Tom Brady has to be in the conversation.   And seriously, you sound like an uninformed, jaded Patriot hater to bring up the "Belicheat" stuff. Move on, that argument hasn't had any merit in forever.
This line from the article had me confused, until I realized the article is 11 years old. 
I was playing solo Tuesday and got paired up with another solo for the back 9. I was walking and he was riding. We made pretty good time and caught a 5-some of older ladies on the 15th. They we're unbelievably slow but had no intention of letting us through. Drove both of us crazy. We waited 5+ minutes on each remaining hole. No courtesy anymore.
 Difficulty is spot on. Golf is hard, and unless you're really motivated to get better, it can get overwhelming for new golfers.Most new golfers that I know have either quit, or are very close to it. They expect to improve quickly, and when they don't they see no point in continuing to pay as much as it costs to play.
New Posts  All Forums: