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I was a terrible hooker starting out. Maybe because I am left handed and swing the club right handed. So the swing worked for me. I do fade the ball usually but if I get more aggressive with the turning of the wrist on the way down I can hit a draw. If I need to hook the ball I can only do it with a strong grip and stiff wrist. People with a slice think they have a problem but a bad hook IMO is way worse
Were they bargain basement, mid priced or high end clubs? I don't know anything about them. I had a set of Palmer blades when I was young and couldn't hit them worth a darn so never payed much attention to his clubs after that. I picked up a set real cheap. The metal woods aren't very good, the shafts are too whippy so I hit a big fade, almost slice. But the irons I really like. I can work the ball and if I do mishit the ball I haven't noticed.
I think his secret is laying off the club, bowing the left wrist at the start of the swing. I have been doing that for years but I learned it from Calvin Peate, in an instruction article, I never met him., It really makes the swing repeatable, and for me, I only need two swing keys. Pull with the legs and curl the left wrist. From there everything falls into place. If I hit a bad shot I know it's usually because I started down with my hands. I think Hogan is probably the...
I took a Lynx Persimmon driver to the range today. I had a big head LX driver and Palmer PHD and the Persimmon. I hit both the oversized drivers ok but with a fade, which I have learned to live with, I hit a few balls with the persimmon. They went straighter, a little higher and seemed to land a few yards past the other ones, it wasn't until I got home that I realized I took the Persimmon 3 wood to the range instead of the driver.
Huh? He won the Masters twice, the open four times, the British Open and the PGA. He is one of four people the ever win all four Championships. And he did it in a day when the equipment was good enough to manicure the golf course as well as today and the clubs weren't as forgiving. He had one of , if not the most influential swings in the history of the game. If Hogan was around today he'd do the same thing he did back then, He'd eat up Golf course. Same goes for Snead,...
I picked up a set of Lynx persimmon woods for free off graigslist. "Heel N Toe " with the bass inserts in the sole. I only went a got them because I saw a Bullseye putter in the bag. But you're right these Lynx woods are pretty easy to hit straight. And I don't lose much distance.
Feel is a funny thing. I tried a new Ping 2 iron a couple or years ago at the range/golf store, It felt like I was hitting a bowling ball but the ball took off like a rocket. I have an Old ADXII Graphite driver that feels like that too. I think a big part of feel is how you hit it.
Are the AC-108's blades? or an early attempt at a cavity back? I have had a set for about 35 years and could never get a clear answer on that. Mine definitely have a cavity and they're stainless irons not forged.
I have a set of AC-108's I have had for decades.  I have owned many different clubs over the years buying into the clubs can make my game better. I finally figured out that if all the company claims were true about their new and improved clubs I would be hitting my driver 500 yards and would be a -15 handicap. I come to the conclusion that hands down the best Irons I ever hit were AC-108's and Hogan Directors.  I wouldn't recommend them to a high handicapper or newby but...
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